In the media

Some stories of mine in print:

nytlogo153×23.gifDrink Outside the Box,” Op-Ed, The New York Times, 8/18/08 (#1 most emailed on, day of publication)

“Red, white or green?”, Op-Ed, The New York Times, 12/28/07.

Finding Wine of a Certain Age,” Food & Wine, July 2007. "Deconstructing a wine list" with Ray Isle, Food & Wine, July 2006.

“Globalization 2.0: When Local Becomes Global,” World of Fine Wine, December 2011.

wslogo.jpg“Innovations in Wine Retail,” Special Fall 2008 Best of Wine issue, Wine & Spirits. “What’s your wine’s carbon footprint?” Wine & Spirits, February 2008. “The five best wine blogs you’re not reading,” Wine & Spirits, September 2007.

forbesA monthly column for “Wines for the Weekend” on Some “Underappreciated Australian Wines,” “Box wines that can be a hit” and “Seriously, Drink Beaujolais.”

guardianlogosmThe Decision Makers,” and “Red, white and Green,” in The Guardian and The Observer, September 6 & 7, 2008.

"Politics and wine," a new entry for the third edition of the Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson, ed., 2006.

“Red, White, and ‘Green’: The Cost of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Global Wine Trade,” with Pablo Paster, Journal of Wine Research, March 2009.

Stories or mentions of in other media:

brecher-gaiter“Dr. Vino. The world is awash in wine bloggers — and we figure the more people who read and write about wine the better — and one good example is, which is well-written, well-researched, calm and, dare we use the word, sober.” – Dorothy Gaiter & John Brecher, in “Singing the ABCs of Wine – The columnists’ updated glossary swaps Parker for Dr. Vino and Vayniacs” The Wall Street Journal, 5/16/09

forbes“His reporting over the past six months has had seismic consequences, which is a hell of an accomplishment for a blog.” in “Must-Read Wine Blogs,”, 10/23/09

“Fun and refreshing.” —Jancis Robinson, MW, OBE

Quoted in “Seeking Luxury Deals as Euro Falls,” Business Day, The New York Times, January 15, 2015

Quoted in “Obama’s Wine List Corked After $100-Plus Bottle Served,” March 13, 2012

finewine.jpgOne of the “fresh voices taking wine journalism in new and important directions.” -Michael Steinberger in The World of Fine Wine, Issue 19, 2008.

On Good Morning America talking about box wine.

Profiled in an author Q&A in the Wall Street Journal, “The Politics of Wine,” July 22, 2008. Also reviewed in Bloomberg News.

Cited in “Wine Advocate Writers Spark Ethics Debate,” Wall Street Journal, May 26, 2009. “News of such activities, reported last month on a wine blog called Dr. Vino, have captivated wine enthusiasts and triggered a fierce online debate…”

Also quoted in “Higher Prices, New Options Damp Demand for Beaujolais,” November 20, 2008 The Wall Street Journal.

slate-logoMentioned in “We’re All Wine Critics Now: How the Internet has democratized drinking,”, 9/25/09

reuters_logo_smThe humbling of Robert Parker,” Felix Salmon, Reuters. 10/2/09

We are searching for a different winery for this brand,” Felix Salmon, Reuters 7/24/09

“Host Tyler Coleman is the author of “Wine Politics” and an in-demand speaker at wine forums. He combines scholarship, journalism, opinion and a sharp wit to craft a daily blog that is not afraid to take on industry icons such as Robert Parker.” Seattle Times, 4/24/10

Quoted in “What Rising Temperatures May Mean for World’s Wine Industry,” 19 Dec 2011

npr.jpgOn “Marketplace” discussing the wines of Kentucky, 6/2/08. And on again to talk about Sherry’s needlessly retro image (9/30/09)

“Love, love, love this blog.” – 10/6/10

Quoted in “Valpolicella’s just the thing for a warm summer’s day” Globe and Mail, June 19, 2012. “On his excellent blog,, the American wine writer Tyler Colman recently championed a cause that might seem utterly passé in these high times for big wines…

The Bryant Park Project, NPR, February 4, 2008. Tyler Colman of explains why it’s hard for wine to cross state lines.

ABC News Now spoke with wine expert Tyler Colman, aka ‘Dr. Vino,’ to see how the wines would shape up on the baseball diamond…” Commenting on the Red Sox charity wines. Program aired June 6, 2007.

nytlogo153×23.gifQuoted in “Wine Bars Grow Up and Squeeze In,” The New York Times, April 9, 2008.

nytlogo153×23.gifQuoted in ““Wine’s Pleasures: Are They All in Your Head?,” The New York Times, May 7, 2008.
“Ultimately, context may be the most underrated aspect of enjoying wine. Tyler Colman, a wine writer and blogger (, whose first book, “Wine Politics,” will shortly be published by the University of California Press, has a second book coming out this fall, “A Year of Wine” (Simon & Schuster), that focuses on context. The mood and the food and the context really matters,” he said. “It’s the neglected pairing.”

Quoted in “Eat Local; Drink EuropeanThe New York Times, October 19, 2009.

Quoted in “Champagne Producers Aim for ‘Greener’ Bottle,” The New York Times, August 31, 2010.

bloombergQuoted in “Napa Vintners Seek Cachet, Profit With Labels,” Bloomberg, July 1, 2008

foxbusinessOn talking about bargain bubbly, 12/31/08. View segment!

and on again talking about the economic downturn and value wines, 12/26/08 View segment!

marthaOn “Morning Living,” Martha Stewart Radio, Sirius satellite radio, talking about A Year of Wine and bargain bubbly, 12/31/08.

forbesRecommended Ten independent wines for Independence Day on, July 2, 2008. See the story (and slideshow) with video!

“Wines Columbus Would Drink,” 10/08/08, With video!

Quoted in “Plastic Pinot,” 7/24/08,

Quoted in “Most And Least Pricey Steakhouse Wine Lists” 1/15/09,

Referenced in, “The Whine Critics,” April 23, 2009.

omagazineQuoted in “4 Great Box Wines,” O, The Oprah Magazine, August 2009.

portfoliologo1Quoted in “The Parker Holdouts,” 2/13/09

ftcom_logoQuoted in “R.I.P. Box Wine,” Financial Times, Mar 27, 2009.

Tasted and commented on three wines sold to benefit Red Sox charities, the Schardonnay (Curt Schilling), Manny Being Merlot (Manny Ramirez) and the Caberknuckle (Tim Wakefield). May 28, 2007 Sports Illustrated (pdf).

Select blog posts republished in US Airways magazine and

Quoted in “This wine is making me feel…sneezy” September 15, 2008. [ABC News]

reuterslogo.jpgQuoted in “Where Bordeaux is concerned, the bulls have it,” January 22, 2008 [Reuters]

“Another credit crisis victim: wine prices” February 5, 2008 [Reuters]

grubstreetlogo.jpg“Dr. Vino, one of our favorite wine blogs…”
Grub Street, New York magazine.

Quoted in “Sniffing around for wine deals” 12/16/2007, Daily News.

Quoted recommending the Pierre Peters Champagne, Valentine’s day, 2007. US News & World Report. 2/9/07

“The creator of the wine Web log, Tyler Colman, announced that for millennials, ‘wine is the new black,’ offering ‘a lot more return on your social investment than beer.'” NY Sun, May 9, 2007

“One of the three best wine blogs.” Fast Company magazine
May 2006

“…the popular Dr. Vino wine blog” Hartford Courant 11/26/07

Quoted in “Wine Pairings: The Grape Crusades” Express (Washington Post) 11/2/07

fwsmall.jpgOne of the “seven best wine blogs.” Food & Wine magazine, October 2005. “Colman intelligently explores the intersection of wine, politics and business…”

Some coverage of my research on the carbon footprint of wine:

sciencemaglogo.jpgECOLOGY: THE WINE DIVIDE, (the carbon footprint of wine) January 11, 2008, Science.

logo_national_geographicThe data were the basis of a graphic in the May 2009 issue of the National Geographic magazine. See the graphic and discussion on the blog.

“I’ll have the Bordeaux, thanks,” Environmental Capital blog at the The Wall Street Journal. 2/19/08

nytlogo153×23.gifCited in “Movable Feast Carries a Pollution Price Tag,” by Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, Business Section. April 26, 2008. In the series “The Food Chain: A Food’s Carbon Footprint”

nyersmall.jpgMentioned in “Big Foot” by Michael Spector in The New Yorker, February 25, 2008.

wineenth.jpg“The benchmark carbon footprint report…” Wine Enthusiast magazine, May 2008.

“Shrink the bottle, save the planet,” The Globe and Mail (Toronto), August 20, 2008.

“The Carbon Footprint of Wine” on (reproduced on Yahoo News, MSNBC and more). 11/10/2008

Cited in E, The Environmental Magazine, “Thinking inside the box.”

Cited in a graphic on the carbon footprint of the Thanksgiving meal, Washington Post, 11/23/08

“Vine Renaissance,” Continental inflight magazine, September 2008.

wineswinves.jpg“How Green is Your Packaging?” January 2008, Wines & Vines

“Message in a barrel,” The Nature Conservancy

“Study says East Coasters should drink French,”

Mentioned in, “Drink Responsibly: Which is better for the planet, beer or wine?”,, 9/22/09

“The always entertaining Dr. Vino…” Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune

Runner-up wine personality of the year, 2009 Uncorked, Winnipeg Free Press

And other mentions in: Arrive magazine (Amtrak on-board magazine), Chicago Tribune, Dayton Daily News, Columbus Dispatch, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and more…The Baltimore Sun and others.

Interviewed by John Lindner of the Baltimore Sun on his podcast, “blography.” Mp3 file here.

“GreenSpace: Wine in a box: Earth-friendly, and the taste is ‘actually decent,'” Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/25/08.

“America’s most eminent practitioner of wineology muses on plonk gossip.” 3/10/07 The Guardian (UK)

“Blogarithms: Big Apple and humble grapes,” Jan 28, 2008, Metro NY

"Wine hits of 2006," New York Sun, 12/17/06 “Tyler Colman, also known as Dr. Vino (, found his best wine memory of 2006 in a humble but highly useful wine…”

Interviewed in "Get Saucy," a podcast from TimeOut Chicago. 10/5/06

Quoted in “100 wines and you’re in the club,” Macleans (Canada), 5/22/06

"Short sips," Urban Vintage column, New York Sun, 2/22/06 “There’s a new guide in town…”

As well as leading web sites and blogs such as:,,, alphaville blog at,,,,, The Tuesday Morning Quarterback (,,,, The Consumerist, Gothamist,, The Daily Green,, Forked blog at GQ,, Gridskipper, Eater, Eater LA, Curbed,,, Wall Street Journal blogs,,,,, and among others.

Best Wine Blog, American Wine Blog Awards 2007

Best Wine Blog Writing, American Wine Blog Awards 2007

Nominee, Best Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurant or Nutrition, James Beard Foundation Awards 2007

Some stories of mine in regional or trade publications:
"When a cold trend is good: Premium sakes starting to gain acceptance" Chicago Tribune, 1/12/05
"A wine cellar in every home?" Chicago Tribune, 4/21/04
"Holiday bubbles that don’t break the bank" Chicago Tribune, 12/17/03
"Patrons drinking up at BYOBs" Chicago Tribune, 11/21/03

"Missing in Mendoza: Americans," Wine Business Monthly, January 2007
"Partners in Wine" Wine Business Monthly, January 2006
"Currency Hedging Provides Shelter for Importers," Wine Business Monthly, November 2004