On Good Morning America, box wine edition

I had a great time on GMA today even if it meant waking up before the crack of dawn (although, with a two-year-old son, that’s not exactly a foreign concept to me). Sam Champion is a hoot; I appeared on his weekly segment, “Just One Thing.” It was fun, it was fast! With wine, we tried to put the “good” in Good Morning America!

Video follows below, as well as a cameraphone pic from the set!

Here are the box wines we had on the set (search for these wines at retail):

Wineberry box (Domaine Le Garrigon, Cotes du Rhone)
From the Tank (Eztezargues, Cotes du Rhone)
Big House red
Yellow + Blue malbec

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24 Responses to “On Good Morning America, box wine edition”

  1. I would love to have a list of your favorite boxed wine. I enjoy boxed wine and have been buying Black Box chardonnay and it is pretty good.

  2. Hi Ashley,

    I recently tasted through the Wineberry lineup of five or so box wines and was impressed. The top one in my view was their Cotes du Rhone, a fuller bodied red wine.

    Incidentally, I also really liked another CdR (red), the From the Tank.

    Here’s a post I did from a couple of years ago about the best box wines.

    And don’t forget about self-serve tank wine! 😉

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  4. Good on you, Tyler. I’m always amazed at the average American’s snobbery about wine packaging. If you’re not spending $15 a bottle, you really ought to be buying more boxed wine. And then there’s the whole screwcap thing …

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    Dr. Vino was on Good Morning America this morning discussing the increasing quality and ecologial benefits of box… [link to post]

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  6. Nicely done! Good wines don’t have to come in glass…

  7. Nice job, Tyler! By the way, the Target “Wine Cube” Chardonnay ain’t bad at all…

  8. Great job! The box is a brilliant idea. I’m sure the public was as excited about this as you are, am I right?

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    ..and I thought I was an expert – this guy has a PhD RT @BillDaley Dr. Vino on Good Morning America, box wine edition [link to post]

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    Dr. Vino on Good Morning America, box wine edition [link to post]

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  11. My palate is telling me that several boxed wines in the marketplace are equal or better than the mass produced $7.00 daily swill…you’ll feel better going green and if properly stored will last a month or more. Keep your reds in the fridge too, pour into a carafe and fool your pinky waving wine-snob friends! Cheers!

  12. Dr. Vino, having not seen you for so many years it was a delight to see you on GMA! Way to go! (I linked to it on my FB page so other NU alums can enjoy it…)

  13. Great segment! I myself have been guilty of boxed wine prejudice. Thank you for helping me overcome it. 🙂 I have a wine loving friend who highly recommends Pinot Evil in the box. I’ve never tried it in the box but I cannot stand the bottled version. Any opinions on why that might be?

  14. Very nice, Tyler. I hope we will continue to see you talking about wine on TV.

  15. Nice job! Morning TV segments are fun, I got to do one last January for the local Sacramento station.

    I especially like the adoring look you are getting from the young lady in the still photo – rock star!

  16. Cool beans! I was so wrapped up in my project I wasn’t aware you were doing this.

    Thanks again for participating in the US Drinks Conference!

  17. O HELL YEAH!

  18. Tyler,
    So awesome to see you on GMA! Huge hit. Great appearance. Looking forward to seeing the doctor on more TV shows.

  19. By the way, how much will it last if you open it?

  20. […] my GMA segment last week, I thought I would elaborate a little more on one of the box wines that I tasted for the first time […]

  21. Dr Vino,

    I am so glad that you are breaking the stigma attached to boxed wine. Yes, it’s not as “classy” as bottled, but it’s good for the environment – and I personally think that’s classier than anything!

    I actually just read an article the other day about how climate change is posing great risk for the world’s best wine crops. So really, it’s all interconnected. If we start to treat our environment better (one way to that is by buying boxed wine) then our earth will respond better, and we’ll continue to grow great crops and make great wine!

    I am excited to try out the wines you suggest in your reply to Ashley.

  22. I am joining the call for Rose in a box.

    There is no better choice than packaging a Rose that needs to be consumed during its first year of life.

    I wish Grand veneur and from the tank packaged Roses in a box.

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  24. […] As a fan of the box wine format, though not always the wine inside, I was pleased to see Eric Asimov and the NYT wine panel recommend some box wines. Their clear favorites were the Wineberry Cotes de Rhone red and the Eztezargues, boxes that I have also recommended. […]


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