Three bubblies, Fox Business, and a mystery

foxbizOn Wednesday I went on Fox Business–for the second time in a week! The video for this segment is available (see it by clicking on the image at right).

We continued the discussion of “trading down” that we started last week, this time with a focus on bubbly, as the day demanded. Since I didn’t get a chance to actually mention the Dibon cava brut reserve (about $11; find this wine) on the show, I’ll do so here: it’s some really easy drinking stuff, great for parties, or to accompany coconut fried shrimp, as I did recently (it sure beat Lipitor, which could have also worked for that dish). I brought the tasty Roederer Estate brut NV on the show as well (find this wine). And for those who really didn’t want to trade down–or simply prefer fine Champagne in the winter, as I do, economic climate be somewhat damned–I brought the Larmandier-Bernier, brut, premier cru, blanc de blancs (about $45; find this wine). It’s a fantastic example of a grower Champagne and one of my favorites.

So here’s the big mystery question: since they didn’t allow us to pour wine on the set, what bubbly was actually in our glasses at the end?

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7 Responses to “Three bubblies, Fox Business, and a mystery”

  1. Matinelli’s Sparkling Cider (Talk about a monopoly in the sparkling cider biz…)

    P.S. Nice on camera presence Tyler, way better than a lot of other people I’ve seen.

  2. I have to second that for Martinelli’s. It’s a familiar mainstay in the holiday drinks available at my family’s household.

  3. ginger ale?

  4. Why didn’t they allow you to pour wine on the set? Also why do conservatives have such a problem with France? I don’t get it.

  5. @ Jathan – Thanks glad you liked it!

    @ Frank – we have a winner–it was, indeed, ginger ale!

    @ Chance – I dunno why we couldn’t rip the corks off those bottles! They certainly do it on other shows, and even some morning shows at that! It probably has to do with licenses. Maybe licenses also explain their attitude toward the French?

  6. I am thinking it was some carbonated beverage like 7-Up or Sprite or maybe Ginger Ale.

  7. […] balance my appearance on Fox Business in December, I went on The Lionel Show on Air America last month. The segments are available here and […]


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