Los Angeles wine shops, a map from Dr. Vino

Are you ever in a new neighborhood, looking for a bottle? Or wondering where exactly is that wine shop you keep reading about? This map of worthwhile wine stores in greater LA should come in handy. Feel free to send in your comments or suggestions (or post them here). Red are for superior, "first growth" shops. Click on the pushpins, drag the map, also zoom for closeup. Happy exploring! Cheers, -Dr. Vino

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stores listed

* Chronicle Wine Cellars
* DomaineLA
* Du Vin Wine & Spirits
* Duke of Bourbon
* Fireside Cellars
* Flask Fine Wine
* Heritage Wine Company (Pasadena)
* Hi-Time Wine Cellars
* John & Pete's Fine Wine
* K&L Wine
* Larchmont Village Wine, Spirits and Cheese
* LA Wine Co
* Le Petit Vendome
* Le Petit Vendome (Pasadena)
* Liquid Partyworks
* Malibu Village Wines
* Mission Wines
* Red Carpet Wine
* Rosso Wine Shop
* Sepulveda Wine Co.
* Silverlake Wine
* Topline Wine & Spirits
* Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants
* Vendome Wine & Spirits Studio City
* Vendome Beverly Hills
* Wades Wines
* Wally's Wine
* Wine Club, The
* Wine Country, The
* Wine Exchange
* Wine Expo
* Wine House
* Woodland Hills Wine Co.

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