Move over Old Spice guy, here comes Zin man

Okay, this isn’t going to knock the Old Spice guy out of the advertising Hall of Fame. But, hey, it’s the best wine ad I’ve ever seen! I raise a glass of 14.4% alcohol zinfandel in the ad’s honor.

Addendum: cork marketers, take note!
UPDATE: I posted a few more details about making the ad.

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32 Responses to “Move over Old Spice guy, here comes Zin man”

  1. LOVE this to the moon and back. Absolutely hilarious, and incredibly effective. Why isn’t the entire industry making advertisements as good as this, or at least as good as the liquor and beer industry?

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  3. Thanks, Tyler. That was great!

  4. Awesome.

  5. This was great! Got anymore?

  6. Love It! With this kind or irreverence and humor, we can sell some wine.

  7. He seems to be one of the most interesting men in the world!

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  9. Steve: Funny, on Twitter yesterday Eric Arnold suggested that Zin man and The Most interesting Man in the World should have a duel.

    Madison: I agree, wine commercials (which are few and far between), are too often boring or cringe worthy (looking at you, cork marketing board!).

    Even though the wine industry has some brands, most producers are quite small and thus could never afford a TV ad campaign for their wines. Perhaps the way forward is something like this commercial, for a grape (and a place) rather than a brand per se.

  10. Genius!

  11. Absolutely fabulous.

  12. This is the most fun and most catchy ad for the wine industry perhaps ever. It does take an association to afford such a well-crafted (read: expensive) ad but the branding associated with it is literally priceless. Just let another region try to claim Zin ss their own after this! Kudos to Paso for putting this together.

  13. Very Funny and Creative. Liked it alot.

  14. Cheers to Paso! Its great to see some of our amazing California growing regions take some credit. How about you Lodi, how about Contra Costa, and Lake County? Paso has laid down the gauntlet, or at least the cork screw.

  15. Hey dude! The Primitivo (or Zinfadel) is not a Tuscany wine
    read this:

  16. It’s pronounced “tsurl-YEN-ak”
    When he says “gree-JELL-nack” it hurts my ears…
    I spoke to Chris Taranto – PR person for the PRWCA – and he said they deliberately put in all those errors and mispronunciation of Crljenak.

    Also, look for more of these kinds of videos from the PRWCA. This actor is supposed to be making more commercials for them

  17. Brilliant!

  18. in tuscany the vines are irrigated with primitivo, the croatians stomp on their wine after it is made, and paso zins are indelible. the ad was great.

  19. Although I’m not a fan of the advertising industry, nor I like the nationalistic chest thumping (I know, you call it “patriotic” 😉 ), I think that the ad is quite witty and good!
    But I must say we certainly don’t stomp on our wine in Croatia! 😉

  20. Great ad!

  21. Brilliant marketing!!! As a zin guy from the Russian River Valley, I can appreciate the need to let folks know that ZIN is CALIFORNIA’S WINE!!!

    I hope for more of this type of fun, non-serious marketing. We are making zin after all!!

    Great Job Paso! If only Paso could make zins with less Alc and less oak… Time and patience.

  22. Killer!

  23. Fantastic. Isn’t it great what you can do if you actually spend the money for good talent? I agree that this is the best wine ad in history. Head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever seen. Derivative? Sure. But who cares?

  24. I’ll give it to them for repackaging and reselling the old spice commercial, good formula. But as for other wineries advertising, it’s very competitive and expensive. That’s what makes this work though, because they’re advertising for Paso Robles and not a winery, and they’re still finding their identity. You won’t see us do anything like that in Napa and it’s unfortunate because I think it’s effective. But only because it’s a destination and not a winery; that would be much more difficult.

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  29. I love it! Poor Cousin Zinnie -nobody claims him but we all love him. We hope he doesn’t show up at the wedding but he does and then we rave about how he turned the place upside down and ran away with the bride’s mother. Viva Zinfandel!

  30. Nice im Loving it Bravo lol

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  32. Just came back from Paso and this commercial cracks me up. It is great for the area, but they are producing some other great wines too.


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