Two memorable wines under $15 from 2010

The past few weeks have seen a few listicles about top wines or most memorable wines had last year. As is the nature of such lists, they generally skew to the fine and rare. I don’t have a problem with that–in fact, maybe I’ll get around to doing one of those myself–but there’s also something to be said for the everyday wines that bring great pleasure. I bought two such wines by the case in the last year and enjoyed them often.

Both are 2009 reds, one from Beaujolais and one from the Loire. The vintage was very kind to each region and each is made by a leading producer in the region. The J.-P. Brun Terres Dorrées, “L’Ancien,” 2009 is a wine to make converts of Beaujolais haters. It’s been a house staple here for a while but this vintage is particularly good, maintaining the snappy acidity of gamay but having a little more roundness thanks to the vintage. I served it to a lot of non-wine geek friends who really like it. The term “L’Ancien” refers to the traditional style of viticulture

The Cheverny comes from the estate vineyard of the Puzelat brothers. It’s a blend of gamay and pinot noir, made in a natural style. It’s a graceful introduction to a slightly more wild (low sulfur) version of natural wines. Delicious on its own, the mouthwatering acidity makes you look forward to food–as well as the next glass.

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8 Responses to “Two memorable wines under $15 from 2010”

  1. both really delicious! good call, Doc!

  2. A quick search produced the nice story you did on the brothers in October of 2008.

    Both of these, I believe, are brought in by Louis/Dressner, and as you say are well worth seeking out.

  3. Oh no! Should we really be taking about this. People might start seeking these wines and create a price increase.

    Both are, indeed, Louis/Dressner imports and they bring in a bunch of tasty stuff from Beaujolais and Loire.

    The fact that these wines will be hard to find nationally, is a testament that few know of Beaujolais outside of DaBeef and few consumers know much of Loire as they are not often reveiwed and most retailers pay little attention to this region.

  4. I will try to search out that Beaujolais, really excited to acquaint myself with a broad variety of producers from that region (especially with such a hyped vintage). Thanks!

  5. I’m going to seek out that Beaujolais – I’m hoping to make a wine nerd out of my boyfriend, and maybe this one is the trick. Thanks!

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  7. Has anyone ever heard of Sasyr? It’s an excellent Sangiovese + Syrah mix that I can’t find anywhere.

  8. […] in its minerally, unadorned form that is stunning. (On a related note, I was a huge fan of the 2009 red Terres Dorees, but didn’t find the 2010 red to have the same […]


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