Wine Madness: the Finals!

winemadness.jpgWine Madness continues to the Final Four! Thanks to your comments, we now have the finalists! Vote here and now to decide the winner! (We are dispensing with the semifinals and the final four will be ranked in their vote order here.)


UPDATE: poll closed: The wine with the most votes as of Monday April 7, 11:59 PM will be declared the winner!

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10 Responses to “Wine Madness: the Finals!”

  1. Puzelat was robbed!

  2. […] Wine Madness: the Finals! […]

  3. Wow! We must be at about halftime, and Prum is running away with it at a shocking clip!

  4. Jon, your email must have been a rallying cry for Mollydooker! When you posted, JJ Prum was ahead but since then the Dooker has been surging!

  5. Mollydooker is surging indeed… perhaps due to an email campaign from the Dooksters! C’mon, doc, where are the referees when you need ’em. This is tantamount to Pat Riley lacing up his Converse All-Stars. Or W stealing the 2004 Florida Prexy election. Or something like that. I think J.J. “Jumpin Jack” Prum deserves a trip to the charity stripe to shoot two. Or maybe 22.

  6. True, the Dookers are pouring it on with a burly offense!

    Where is Coach Rudi Wiest to manage the “Jumpin Jack” counter-attack?

  7. This must be a case of Brawn over finesse, with the taste bud destroying Dooker wearing down whatever gets in its way, the Prum and palates alike. 😀

  8. Dear Dr Vino Readers and voters,
    We would like to thank you for all the comments. I have just returned home to Australia yesterday after having been to the Atlanta High Museum Charity Auction where 2 magnums of Mollydooker (and a Mollydooker Tasting) raised $12,000 for the Charity. We love to support our friends across America.
    The email that we sent about the “Wine Madness” only went to trade (not consumers) and so it was great to see that the trade were prepared to vote. We would be happy to send a note on behalf of JJ Prum to the same trade friends to see how it all pans out.
    Here’s to drinking great wines and having great friends
    Regards Sparky

  9. Hi Sparky –

    Thanks for your interest in our little game! Next year I’ll be better organized and try to have some prizes. This year, it’s all about the bragging rights!

    But I guess we should draw a line as to when we will have the final tally. So get all your votes in by 11:59PM on Monday, right after the NCAA final finishes.

    JJ Prum, Cappellano, Freddy Franzia: don’t bask too long in the glory of making the finals– you’re all welcome to see the Mollydooker three-point offensive with one of your own!


  10. […] by RSS, daily email, or free monthly updates by email (right sidebar). Thanks for visiting!In the Final Four, the sleek and stylish Rieslings of JJ Prum got out to an early lead but Mollydooker came roaring […]


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