Wine Madness: Riesling and Supermarket brackets – vote your wines thru to the quarterfinals

winemadness.jpgOver the weekend, play occurred in far-flung arenas and I report the results here. Now it is up to you to vote the teams/wines through that you want to see in the next round. It is all in your hands! Hit the comments of this post for the Supermarket wines and Riesling brackets; the previous post for the Parkerized wines and Natural wines brackets.

Supermarket bracket Results (click bracket to see all results):
* Two Buck Chuck, the #1 seed, coasted (haha) to an easy victory of Mondavi Coastal whose squad appeared tired and overoaked…In a heavyweight showdown, a three-liter Carlo Rossi jug blew an halftime lead against Franzia three-liter box who came back to win on penalty free throws in the final seconds.

* Moving to what is considered the lightweight portion of the supermarket bracket, French “wine for women” Wine Sight beat White Lie but Beringer White Zinfandel fired back with suh-weet three pointer to beat arch-rivals Sutter Home.

* In the Riesling bracket, Dr. Loosen handily slayed the Dragonstone. And in perhaps the most exciting matchup on this side of the bracket, Keller and Schafer-Frohlich treated the spectators in Koblenz to a three-point extravaganza with Keller prevailing at the buzzer.

* In a battle of the legends, JJ Prum sent out a squad of auslese and prevailed over a team from rival Donnhoff, where Hermann thought he could win with mostly Kabinetts…And in the only non-German matchup in the bracket, grand master Pierre Trimbach brought out a squad of Frederich Emile to fend off the tall bottles from down under at Leeuwin Estate. Will Pierre reach for the Clos St Hune in the quarterfinals or try to rest them til the semis?

Who will advance? You make the call! Have your say in the comments! The teams with the most votes in the comments as of 11:59 PM Wednesday will advance to the next round on Thursday.

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6 Responses to “Wine Madness: Riesling and Supermarket brackets – vote your wines thru to the quarterfinals”

  1. Oddly enough, I’ve had all 4 of the remaining wines in both the Supermarket and Riesling brackets. Therefore, I vote:

    – Two Buck Chuck to win in a thrashing of Franzia.
    – Berenger White Zin to trounce Wine Sight.
    – Dr. Loosen to top Keller
    – Trimbach to come out with surprising finesse over JJ Prum, and eke out a victory in a close match.

  2. Prum will crush that Trimbach industrial wine.

    Keller will crush Loosen becasue Klaus Peter is in the vineyards preparing while Ernie Loosen is galavanting across the globe and taking the competition too lightly.

  3. Two Buck Chuck over Franzia
    Beringer over Wine Sight

    Prum over Trimbach
    Loosen over Keller

  4. Prum & Keller
    Chuckie & Beringer

  5. Franzia surprises everyone with a win over Two Buck Chuck because no one can tell the difference.

    Beringer beats White Sight because White Sight is one of the stupidest names for a wine ever.

    Tribach slam dunks a Clos St Hune while JJ gets all contemplative and shit.

    Keller and his cellar go totally Baden on Loosen. A Pralat at the buzzer just misses.

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