Wine Madness: Parkerized and Natural wine brackets – vote your wines thru to the quarterfinals

winemadness.jpgIt all started last week on a lark, but now we move on to the second round. Over the weekend, play occurred in far-flung arenas and I report the results here. Now it is up to you and vote the teams/wines through that you want to see in the next round. It is all in your hands! Hit the comments of this post for the Parkerized wines and Natural wines brackets; the previous post for the Riesling and Supermarket wine brackets.

Parkerized bracket results (click bracket to see all results):
* Mollydooker came out strong drilling left-handed shots from inside and out leaving the Run-Rig squad wondering how well they bottle-aged. El Nido Clio slapped Numanthia silly with the new oak stick and used the match as a springboard to the second round.

* Ornellaia showed a surprising degree of finesse against a cabernet-heavy blend from Sassacaia and won by a narrow margin. And in a legendary match that has become known as the Right Bank Spank, Coach Thunevin and the Valandraud squad got the better of Dr. Alain Raynaud and the Quinault team, who surprisingly played a lot of 07s, not yet ready to dunnk. Michel Rolland watched on from the front row of seats looking like Jack Nicholson with his sunglasses on throughout the game.

* Moving to the Natural wines bracket, Coulee de Serrant was the upset winner over Domaine Huet in the Chenin showdown. Commentator Lettie Teague had called this for Huet pointing to their greater depth with a lineup that includes still, sweet and sparkling as compared to Coulee who just has the dry style typical of Savennieres. But wily Coach Nicolas Joly decanted his team three days early and won the game at the buzzer…And in the other of a Loire double-header at the Tours Axa Arena, Thierry Puzelat relied not only on his estate wines but also his strong negociant wines to beat Bernard Baudry. Sulfites were flying after the match since Baudry disputed the refs calls in the close fourth quarter.

* In the other matches, the sharp-shooting guards of Ch. Thivin made quick work of Georges Descombes despite the latter’s strategy to deploy a team consisting of magnums. And in a strong match broadcast nationally from Turin, Cappellano was able to upset grand master Mascarello who had benched his single vineyard wines, holding them for later in the tournament. A poor decision in retrospect.

Who will advance? You make the call! Have your say in the comments! The teams with the most votes in the comments as of 11:59 PM Wednesday will advance to the next round on Thursday.

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9 Responses to “Wine Madness: Parkerized and Natural wine brackets – vote your wines thru to the quarterfinals”

  1. ornellaia for parkerized and cappellano for natural

  2. In this bracket, I’ve only had both wines from one matchup, so there’s only one vote from me:

    – Molly Dooker should confuse Clio with Two Left Feet (Clio won’t know which way to defend!) and sneak ahead in a price-based upset. Too much power from Molly Dooker.

  3. I have to say I’m shocked by the outcome this past weekend, Tyler. Not only did my Pitt Panthers get spanked out that other tourney, but my finalist picks of Carlo Rossi AND Sassacaia got eliminated here.

    Well, at least the boys from JJ Prum are still in the hunt and look to overpower those Alsace punks from Trimbach. I’m looking forward to how they fare against some tough competition from the good Dr. Loosen, as well.

    In a supermarket bracket grudge-match, I see Fred Franzia’s Two Buck Chuck crushing the corporate thugs from his eponymous winery and Beringer White Zin besting those marketing phonies setting up a quarter-final for the ages.

    As for Parkerized, Mollydooker looks to go all the way now.

    Not sure on the natural wines bracket… seems wide open and competitive to me.

  4. Okay,

    Gotta go with Franzia in Supermarket….that wine got me thru my early 20’s! And White Sight cause I never heard of it,

    Dr Loosen gets my vote & only recently has JJ Prum overtaken Trimbach IMO

    MollyDooker & Ornellia fo sure.

    Coullee de Serrant & Cappellano

  5. here’s how my bracket reads:

    Ornellaia all the way for it’s sneaky “pretend to be italian wine” overpowering the not-so-sneaky reverse osmosis an rotoformentation at valendraud

    it’s “Wrongo Dongo” for jorge ordonez’s merry band of fools as they are trounced by sarah and sparky’s gratuitous branding, though it’s only a matter of time before having a team filled with players with two left feet will catch up with them

    thierry puzelat in an upset over the grandfather of televangelized biodymanie due to an incredibly versatile offense with both domaine and negoce bottlings … NO NO mssr. puzelat, “YOU are so nice”

    cappellano destroys thivin by following a strategy that no one else does: actively stopping his wines from being reviewed, but having his ticket prices (err… bottle prices) increase exponentially regardless of the anti-marketing.

  6. Coulee de Serrant & Thivin
    Ornellaia & the Dooker

  7. Mollydooker baffles everyone with a press release that’s not self parody leaving El Nido licking their oak wounds.

    Valandraud hits the court smoking (literally – Gitane blondes) crushing Ornellaia.

    Coulee shows up a day early for decanting thus forfeiting while the Puzelat clown laughs hideously.

    Underrated Thinvin gets its bojo on and surprises the over confident Cappellano team


  8. Some very funny stuff here–thanks for the participation! Voting is now open in the next round!

  9. […] First time here? Check out the “site highlights,” send in a question, subscribe to the latest posts by RSS, daily email, or free monthly updates by email (right sidebar). Thanks for visiting!Here’s a great lineup of red wines form Loire – three 2005s from Bernard Baudry and three vins de table (and thus, no vintage) wines from Puzelat. Hmm, sounds like a matchup from Wine Madness… […]


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