1995 Dom Perignon Methuselah in white gold – how much?


If the bling is the thing this holiday season, check out this Methuselah (6 liters, or the equivalent of eight regular bottles) of Dom Perignon champagne on display in a midtown Manhattan wine store. The elegant photo and lighting is thanks to my cameraphone.

Care to guess the price? I imagine the glass case is included. Be the first to guess correctly and you will win…OK, not the bottle. Just our respect and admiration this time–or maybe an hour in Mark’s Petrus cage?

FYI check here for a baseline price on the regular bottle, sans white gold.

UPDATE 12/1: When is a Methuselah not a Methuselah? When it is a Jerobaum!

Tom Stephenson wrote in saying that he erroneously told me that the bottle that I saw in Crush Wine & Spirits, the store where he is general manager, is a Methuselah. In fact, it is a mere Jerobaum! (3L, or 4 regular sized bottles) But the price remained the same: $17,000!!!

Those of you who checked the price of the regular sized bottle saw that it was about $200 for a regular 99 Dom. So we’re talking $800 worth of bubbly for $17k — more than 21x premium! Bling-tastic! With gold at $800/ounce, I’d take four regular bottles with a side of 20 one-ounce gold coins, in case anyone was feeling generous.

Props to commenter Chris C for working this into a food-pairing post! And commenter Chaz below for being the closest to the actual retail price without going over!

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18 Responses to “1995 Dom Perignon Methuselah in white gold – how much?”

  1. Too much.

  2. $28 Grand or whatever someone with deeper pockets than I is willing to pay…are rappers attending the auction?!@# Long live the Bling!

  3. Imagine dropping it after you bought it doh!

  4. I’m guessing $40,000. It’s a nice round number.

  5. I would say $23,000.

  6. Weston – funny–or what if it were corked!

    John Witherspoon is the closest so far!

  7. $16,500

  8. I’m guessing $20,000.

  9. From the post on GoodwithPepper.com… I would estimate $24k

  10. […] to say that Sherry Lehmann has a Methuselah (6L) of Dom Perignon 1995 for $9,999 instead of the previously discussed jerobaum (3L) for $17,000 at Crush . Only drawback: it doesn’t have the white gold bling since […]

  11. True they only made this in 3L. It comes with it’s own plexiglass case (shown above) and gloves to hadle it with so you don’t ruin the White Gold. There were 150 made and 15 imported into the US. With the Euro killing the price of Gold maybe this is a good investment?

  12. White gold? this trashes the name of Moet. Champagne should be poured from glass! But it is neat nonetheless…

  13. […] holiday season, I had a brief encounter with the bling of Christmas past. No, it wasn’t the $10k white gold Dom Pérignon jerobaum we brought you (photographically, at least) last […]

  14. its funny how the laws of attraction works, the champagne would have no value to someone dying of hunger but people spend more money on 1 bottle than most people earn in 2 years… i have a bottle at home already drunk but still have the bottle and im keeping it so i can remind myself how stupid i was when i got it! You always want something you cant have and when you get it it isnt that great…

  15. Don’t be so stupid … the withe gold version in only for sale as a jeroboam (3L) … Before publishing an article make sure it’s correct . The whtie gold is for sale at 18.000 euro … PM: O_THIBAUT@HOTMAIL.COM

  16. As a european , the normal price in a store for a DP is 80€ = $120 …

  17. […] With the rising price of gold, maybe that white gold encrusted Jerobaum wasn’t such a bad deal after all?!? Permalink | Comments (0) | SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: […]

  18. 25k, Vegas


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