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While this photo isn’t worth a thousand words, it might be worth a chuckle. Consider it for all the punctuation hounds out there.

Mystery: whole cluster

The harvest of the 2012 vintage has begun in some parts of the northern hemisphere.

Here’s a picture of some whole clusters of grapes, just harvested. Strut your grape savvy by telling us which variety are they are. Degree of difficulty: 8.

Let’s hope they don’t have a stuck fermentation, otherwise would be a whole clusterstuck.

Answer and photo credit to follow.

Where in the wine world are we? Retail edition

Here’s a wine store that looks just like any other high-end wine store…right? So where in the world is this particular store? Include the store name for full credit. (Image credit to follow.)

Where in the wine world are we?

Site reader Damien sent in this photo from his travels suggesting that we could play our favorite game, “where in the wine world are we?”

So, take a gander at the photo to the right and hit the comments with your thoughts as to where the reader was. The first to guess right, wins a gold star, California Grand Cru edition! Caution, objects more difficult than they might appear!

Where in the wine world are we? Foggy valley edition

Have you ever though that the higher elevation a vineyard, the cooler it is? I have. But vineyards don’t always abide by the same principles as climbing Mt. Everest. In fact, higher vineyards can be warmer in some areas because they are above the fog line. I stumbled on this picture recently that dramatically illustrates how this can be.

Where in the wine world is it? Hit the comments with your thoughts; answer to follow.

Caption this: horn & cask edition

There are some fun pics from last year’s harvest festival on Madeira over on Flickr. Madeira is a fortified wine built to withstand the abuse of sea voyages, so this cask-over-the-shoulder approach is probably child’s play for the beverage.

For your, amusement caption the one to the right. While we would probably all approve of his generous pours, Max Riedel probably wouldn’t approve of the stemware…

Where in the wine world are we? Grape elevator edition

Given that we had fun with our weekend edutainment a couple of weeks ago, we bring you an encore edition. Last time, it was grapes transported down the steep vineyard via something akin to a ski gondola. This time, we present steep vineyard transportation via something like a dumbwaiter.

Where in the wine world do they do that? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Answer and photo attribution to follow.

And one day, in our steep vineyard series, we do hope to run a photo of someone sliding down on the seat of his pants.

Where in the wine world are we? Gondola edition

For your Saturday edutainment, we present to you this picture of grape harvesting via modified ski gondola.

Where in the wine world do they do that? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Answer to follow.


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