Which states drink the most wine?


Which state is the thirstiest for wine? It’s a question we’ve noodled before as Washington DC is the thirstiest non-state in the nation! The good folks at Business Insider have taken the initiative to produce this handy map showing comparative wine consumption data, which they also list in a table. (Since the data relate to wine sales as opposed to pulling corks, some states with friendly policies to wine sales–such as New Hampshire–or places with a good selection next to lousy places–such as DC and adjacent the Montgomery County, MD–skew the results somewhat.)

Wine is popular across the country today. And it’s a non-partisan imbibing as the appeal of cabernet and Champagne spans party lines. Yet, after the jump, check out how the map of wine consumption correlates with the 2012 electoral returns:


Just to throw another map out there, here is per capita income by state:


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9 Responses to “Which states drink the most wine?”

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  2. you do realize that D.C. and N.H. have lots of non-residents buying wine, don’t you? Shipping is, or was, next to impossible in Maryland, importing is easy in D.C. (no state laws), and lots of people work in D.C., buy there but leave in Maryland and Virginia. N.H. has no sales taxe and people from all over New England, but especially Massachusetts and Maine buying all sorts of alcohol there. i wonder if the study shows the per capita consumption for Portsmouth?

  3. Any State that keeps US wines from their citizens for distributor’s money should be ashamed of themselves. Their legislature is for sale, and their citizens are stripped of their right to taste the delciious wines from Sea to Shining Sea. What do you think Jefferson would say in such a situation? Umm…REVOLT is my bet, and I can’t say I disagree.

  4. […] Which states drink the most wine? […]

  5. We used to make our own wine. Try it sometime. A can of grape juice or hand picked berries make a wonderful homemade wine. Chokecherry was my favorite but the grocery store has some fruits that go on sale cheap after they start to go bad and make a wonderful Sangria. We also made homemade root beer, ginger ale and cream soda.

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  7. […] • There aren’t too many surprises in this fabulous U.S. map tracking wine consumption by state, although I never would have guessed the state with the highest marks. And one of my favorite bloggers, Tyler Colman, dug a little deeper for some fascinating correlations.  […]

  8. […] Vino published a very interesting map in his blog. This map outlines the wine consumption in the United States on the state by state […]

  9. I just came up with realization that it would be really interesting to understand how all of that data is measured? So if someone buys most of his/her wine online, through mailing lists or simply at the out of state wineries, how all that wine is accounted for? Which state will get the credit? Would be really interesting to read about methodology of measuring of all the numbers…


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