“A Beaujolais-style Zinfandel” — Paul Draper & Julia Child

Paul Draper appeared on the program “Dinner with Julia” with Julia Child in 1983. As you might expect, he brought along some wines from his Ridge Vineyards. The trip back in time is complete when he offers Julia a Ridge, Amador, 1980 Zinfandel, which he describes as “a Beaujolais-style Zinfandel.” Watch the brief clip to catch a glimpse of Ridge White Zinfandel (who knew!) and to see what Paul pairs with artichoke and lobster!

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11 Responses to ““A Beaujolais-style Zinfandel” — Paul Draper & Julia Child”

  1. the cutaway with the ridge white zin is, to use the parlance of the time, totally awesome. love the mingling scene at the beginning.

  2. The opening scene looks straight out of an episode of Faulty Towers. I half expected Manuel to walk in with his pet rat.

  3. Oh my, how far we’ve come with video. And I wouldn’t mind a couple of those 1980 Ridge Zins or Monte Bellos in my cellar. Alas… if knew then what I know now…

  4. I was surprised to discover evidence of a Ridge White Zin, too, but I found it while doing research for my next book. One reviewer gave the 1970 vintage three stars (out of five) and praised its unexpected taste. “On the dry side, use it as you would a Chardonnay: with fish, ham, pork or as a dry aperitif.” It sold for $3.50 to $4.00.

  5. Tremendous!

  6. Hi Mike,

    That’s an interesting reference to a possible 1970 Ridge White Zin. Where did that review appear?



  7. Classic! I’m sure we’ll all look equally dated in 27 years….

  8. Great observation, Jean-Luc. Duck was mentioned a few times, so it could also be compared the intro to the Gourmet Night episode. I think the last FT (featuring the “hamster”) was produced in 1979, a mere 4 years before this featured interview. But check out the Hotel Inspectors episode for the Aloxe Corton. Sorry for going so far off topic. Big FT fan here.

  9. […] WHAT WINE I’M BUYING #1 : Light, low alcohol reds like a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley or Blaufrankisch from Austria; a dry Rosé; high acid whites that also have weight like Chenin Blanc, dry or off dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, or Muscadet.  For more on pairing food and wine, and to revel in the voice of Julia Child who apparently inspired Faulty Towers, watch this. […]

  10. […] we caught a glimpse of a white zinfandel from Ridge Vineyards, Yes, the esteemed Ridge, maker of Monte Bello and many excellent […]

  11. I’ve always meant to try the Ridge Essence Zinfandel.

    Growers always talk about how uneven zinfandel clusters can be — you’ll have green grapes and raisins in the same bunch. It must take a master winemaker to pull off a late harvest zin that doesn’t taste like raisin juice.


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