Important wine update from Cougar Town

Last week we heard about baboons who give Chardonnay a thumbs up. This week we learn that cougars like Merlot!

If they are on ABC’s Cougar Town, that is. Also, pouring wine should be done to the rim, apparently.

Of note: Sheryl Crow played a sales rep at wine distributor in Wednesday night’s episode. As SlateWine quipped on Twitter, “Does this mean she supports three-tier system? Say it ain’t so, Ms. Crow.” Couldn’t she bring her glamor to another part of the wine biz, such as an independent shop owner? The cougars have to buy their Merlot from somewhere, after all.

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10 Responses to “Important wine update from Cougar Town”

  1. Thank you for the very important update on Cougar Town. I didn’t start watching the show until recently, when a friend informed me that Courtney Cox drinks wine in every episode… Now I’m hooked. I have to support a show like that, even if she does fill her glass to the rim!

  2. Dr. Vino watches Cougar Town!?! Caught ya! While it’s very funny to watch the twisted humor of CT stage an intervention because their friend isn’t drinking and therefore no fun, it seems that when TV shows have people drinking wine, they’re always going over the top (a la Brothers & Sisters). Are there any shows that make wine drinking look more appealing and less AA worthy?

  3. I just watched my first episode and I want my 20 minutes back.

  4. Nice try, Sarah, but our operatives interns give us full reports on Cougars.

    But you do raise an good point about wine and TV. Is it better to have wine included that way or not at all?

  5. I did a brief bit on my side blog about wine and King of the Hill, and I constantly notice wine on TV. The Sopranos did it well, I thought. Wine drunk with dinner. No big fuss made about it, just like nobody’s loudly explaining the presence of the salt shaker.

    I haven’t watched Cougar Town, but one of my pet peeves about wine and TV is that for decades it’s been shown as primarily a woman’s beverage. We need more guys drinking wine on TV, and not just at holidays and special occasions.

  6. That’s the one episode of CT I’ve seen, and one of the things I actually liked about it was that it featured guys drinking and enjoying wine.

    I didn’t get the impression that drunkenness was being championed, just the convivial sharing of wine (albeit *lots* of wine) with friends.

  7. Cougars drinking Merlot? This is GROUND-BREAKING, stereotype-crushing, myth-busting stuff!

    Heretofore, they have been universally depicted as drinking . . . Chardonnay.

  8. I also watched this episode and while I’m not a big fan of the show was pleased to see wine taking centerstage on a primetime show. Yes, it could have been better, but it is a start.

    You can my post on this topic at:

  9. We like the show kinda brainless(I like Busy P.) but now I’m wondering what type of wine are they drinking? So if we want to emulate, what wine do I buy?

  10. Have noticed that the Cougar Town cast has been drinking some of Orin Swift’s wines – Papillion & Prisoner (both FANTASTIC wines)…..


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