Scottish wine, NY lobbying, tree planting, OWC – sipped and spit

SIPPED: Scottish wine?
French chefs have urged President Sarkozy to seal a deal at the Copenhagen climate change talks this fall–or risk ceding some the world’s prime vineyard sites to…Scotland! []

SIPPED: lobbying
The Village Voice looks at the jockeying behind the legislative initiative to allow supermarkets to sell wine.

SIPPED and SPIT: growth (of the viticultural kind)
The AP offers more reporting on the coming harvest “under economic cloud.”

SIPPED: a second life for those OWCs
Wine crates as serving trays.

SIPPED: tree planting
An Australian winery will attempt to offset its carbon emissions by planting up to 10,000 trees worldwide. Let’s hope the trees fare better than those planted for Coldplay! [Perth Now]

SPIT: a tip of the hat
In the recent double issue, NY mag ran a long piece about ethical eating that included a mention of the carbon footprint of wine. Ditto Newsweek in their current double issue.

SPIT: bottled water
Mother Jones has a long article on the making of FIJI bottled water.

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9 Responses to “Scottish wine, NY lobbying, tree planting, OWC – sipped and spit”

  1. Re: “SPIT: a tip of the hat”…

    Looking at the NY Mag and Newsweek pieces, I kept expecting to see a reference to you, or this site, or your research with Pablo Paster. It seems like they ripped you off and didn’t give credit. Care to comment?

    I wonder how much Tony Dokoupil of Newsweek and Beth Shapouri & Christine Whitney of New York Magazine earned by stealing from you, Tyler.

  2. Ha, well, “stealing” is a bit strong. I spoke with Beth Shapouri once on the phone for about 20 minutes and the fact checker/copy editor at NY mag called me four times to check–along with calculations and wine picks–the spelling of my name.

    Tony Dokoupil and I exchanged a couple of emails about my coauthored paper.

  3. Not giving credit for others’ ideas = plagiarism.

    Plagiarism = stealing.

    I understand that authors and editors are under pressure to keep wordcount low, but having others contribute ideas and then failing to give them even a link is reprehensible.

    If it were me, I would punitively add a rel=”nofollow” tag to any link to these mainstream media sources, going forward. Seriously.

  4. on the sustainability of wine, this is an interesting discussion. in theory, we could close the loop on wine by making wine ourselves. problem is that wine doesn’t grow everywhere. the next option, is to create enough offsets to mitigate the carbon footprint of drinking non-local wine.

  5. question: is direct linking not considered giving credit?

  6. I like the Australian winery’s approach to countering its emissions. Planting trees is a smart and simple alternative to offset their numbers without completely restructuring their framework for production.

  7. kevin, yes, a direct link would be giving credit. I didn’t see any links to Tyler or his work in either of the articles that copied his data. Did I miss something?

  8. Trust me vineyards ain’t coming to Scotland any time soon. We saw the sun here yesterday for the first time in a month and, in the best presbyterian tradition, are paying for it today. It was so dark this morning I had to turn the lights on. Also, they’ll need to invent a vine that loves rain. Over an inch of it in an afternoon last week and there hasn’t been a totally dry day since June. Oh well, maybe we’ll get an Indian Summer? Though frankly, I’d settle for anywhere elses summer.

  9. […] Dr. Vino:  The skinny on Scotish wine  […]


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