Pass the popcorn–and the Petrus

Have you ever wanted to sip wine at a movie theater? Perhaps taste along with the show in Ratatouille or Sideways?

Well, wine geeks in Vancouver know how to go to the movies. (And I’m talking about Vancouver, Washington, not that other eno-gastro-hub further north). The Cinetopia offers a wall of Enomatic machines, those self-service wine machines that dispense one ounce at a time after a swipe of your card. Over 100 “world class” choices are there for your tasting prior to the movie in one ounce pours.

And if you feel a little parched during the show, bring your wine in and there’s a waiter who can serve you food during the film! For more details, check out the promotional video. And tell me which wine you’d have with popcorn. I’d opt for Champagne.

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7 Responses to “Pass the popcorn–and the Petrus”

  1. This is a great concept, and is one that the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) has adopted at Ballantyne Village Theater. A nice Carmenere or mature Tempranillo are excellent popcorn pairings!

  2. I’d have to go with Tyler and choose Champagne, although I tend to default to bubbles a lot!!! If I may be so bold, we should all raise a glass tonight in remembrance of those lost 7 years ago on this day:

  3. I was about to say I dont remember anyone telling me about this in the city then I figure it was Van, WA ah well.

    Drinking in a movie isnt my thing I dont want to get up and go to the washroom image alcohol id be up to many times

  4. Sparkling wine and popcorn would pair well, but I’d also look for a Chardonnay that’s gone through full malolactic fermentation (to pair the butter flavors off), or a Petit Chablis (yes, I know, it’s also chard, just not oaked as heavily as a Californian), or perhaps even a Soave.

  5. It’s definitely a creative and interesting concept. Somehow, I would prefer renting a movie and opening a bottle of wine in the comfort of my own home. Oh yes – wine would be a sparkling served with lots of buttered popcorn.

  6. That is so great, does this concept open the gates to sake and beer as well? I’m just not excited to be next to the person who squirms to their seat and spills their drink; soda and slushies do not stain as much as wine.

  7. I love the idea of Popcorn and Petrus. Pricey, but novel.
    I’d use caution, however, in pairing a full-malo Chardonnay with Popcorn. Here’s why; if the Chard has undergone full malo, the acids have been softened. And what does a wine need to take on fat? Acid! So, let’s compromise. A full-malo, maybe even oaked Chard for un-adorned popcorn, or a refreshing New World Sauv Blanc for a buttered popcorn. Deal or No Deal?


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