Burritos – impossible food-wine pairing!?


Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. Can we wine lovers come up with a wine pairing that will have people put down their margaritas and Coronas for a glass of wine? Probably not. But which wine would you pair with: burritos! Let us know whether you are talking about a beef, chicken or bean with your suggestion. Or is it…impossible?

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Impossible food-wine pairing: breakfast burrito!
(image; and yes, that was the best burrito photo I could find.)

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20 Responses to “Burritos – impossible food-wine pairing!?”

  1. Inexpensive California sparkling wine, e.g., Gloria Ferrer or Mumm Napa blanc de noirs, etc. You need good acidity and a little sugar to stand up to burritos (on which the subtleties of riesling would be lost).

    Or fino sherry. Not too snappy dry, and for sure not too spendy. Again, the spice needs just a touch of sugar to play off against.

  2. I’ve never tried it before, but why wouldn’t a medium- to full-bodied, earthy red go with chicken or steak burritos?

  3. I think Henri is onto something.

    I would go with a dry Cava – or whatever mimics a chilled lager: crisp, bubbly, acidic, maybe with some minerality?

  4. Reymos Sparkling Moscatel, light fresh mouth feel, good acidity, pears, apples with a slightly sweet finish.

  5. I think a Torrontes from Calchaqui Valley, Salta, Argentina such us Colome http://www.bodegacolome.com/ this winery is owned by the Hess Group, so it won’t be difficult to find it, besides, this wine is amazing goes well with to with, spicy food, tai, etc

  6. I am thinking a nice $7 malbec. We’re talking reality here — not fino sherry or Mumm.

  7. For a spicy burrito, I’d go with an Alsatian Gewurztraminer, such as Domaine Bott-Geyl, which also works well with very spicy Indian food. For a bland, bean burrito, I’d try a medium- or full-bodied red (Chianti or variation) or a floral white, maybe a Malvasia Bianca. I love Mexican food, but I’ve never been a big burrito fan. So, the suggestions from other people may be far better. I’m getting thirsty.

  8. For thr past year or so, our go-to Burrito wine has been the Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda from Argentina. I know at least one extremely knowledgeable and influential wine blogger agrees with the choice: http://www.drvino.com/2007/02/26/hop-on-this-rabbit-for-5388-case/

  9. El duderinos (spanish for dudes dontchano)!

    Mexican food + mexican wine = the only match. There’s no other possible combination – you’re all so very very completely wrong wrong wrong*

    Mexico has the oldest wine industry in both north and south America – it goes back to the 1520’s, literally just after the Conquistadores invaded Mexico.

    Cortés even went as far to make a law that all the Spanish settlers had to plant vines on the lands they had taken on.

    So, for a traditional beef burrito from Mexico I’m going to pair it up with the L.A. Cetto Petite Syrah from Baja California (Mexico).

    In Ireland, it’s available from Mitchell & Son, but presumably more widely available on your side of the pond?

    Lar (www.sourgrapes.ie)

    * Needless to say I jest, I don’t really believe there are too many bad matches with wine and food, it’s subjective, so you’re all cool in my book.

  10. Lar Veale

    I shoulda thunka that.

    There were one or two Mexican wineries represented at last year’s HdR…. I guess i just forgot…

  11. I love a spicy zin with my Mexican food, specifically something from Paso or Sierra Foothills. The fruit bombs of Dry Creek are too much for food, but I’ve had many a Renwood or Grey Wolf with a burrito and it was mighty tasty indeed!

  12. When in Mexico…L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah…should tame that beef burrito.

  13. For a change, I won’t suggest bubbly straight out!

    For spicy beef burritos, I’d probably go for a fruit-forward zin, perhaps an old vines from Amador county. Sobon Old Vines would be my initial thought.

    Change the beef to chicken, and I’d want something a little lighter. Perhaps a New Zealand pinot noir?

    And (the obligatory sparkling reference), IME, rose Champagne pairs exceedingly well with Mexican. Ditto dry rose cava (no semi-seco, thankyouverymuch!).

  14. […] with Mexican dishes. Dr. Vino posted this same conundrum on his blog, approriately titled, "Burritos – impossible food-wine pairing!?", for which he asks his readers to recommend what they would pair with a burrito. It’s […]

  15. I’m loyal to an obscure Finger Lakes wine – Bully Hill’s Barnyard Red, which I think goes with pretty much everything, but I’ve had it before with both bean and chicken burritos and it’s amazing.

  16. As a Californian long enamored of both wine and Mexican food, I’ve usually paired Zinfandel with burritos that have beef or pork in them and what are now odd-ball California whites like fresh chenin blanc or french colombard with burritos with chicken. Bean burritos would depend on what else is in them.

    I suppose you could do Spanish/Portugese crisp whites as well, and, depending on the flavors in the burrito, riesling or gewurztraminer.

  17. Ribera del duero baby.

  18. Let’s get one thing straight. Burritos are as American as Taco Bell. The only Mexican ingredient in a Burrito is probably the guy making it. For a real Mexican treat I reach out for a Cemita, made of Cecina. A dry cured meat. Pair it with an Argentine Bonarda or Malbec, a fruity California Zin, A Chilean Carmenere or a Negra Modelo. Awesome.

  19. Ribera Del Duero is a good one. But really it’s very simple… your favorite pizza wine will be just as good a match for a burrito. It is usually not a complex food. A Ridge or Storybook Zinfandel if you want to make it special. Or a Qupe Syrah if you don’t.

  20. […] with Mexican dishes. Dr. Vino posted this same conundrum on his blog, approriately titled, “Burritos – impossible food-wine pairing!?“, for which he asks his readers to recommend what they would pair with a burrito. It’s […]


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