HOWTO: make a furoshiki wine carrier

My friend Kazuma, whom I met in my NYU wine class last year, gave me a gift of two furoshiki recently. They are traditional, decorative cloths used for wrapping and carrying. They’re popular now in Japan since they are reusable and give you the chance to say goodbye to plastic bags. In fact, the environmental minister made one from fiber of recycled soda bottles to boost awareness of furoshiki. The Ministry even has graphics of suggested foldings!

Kazuma says they can serve as a handy wine tote for two bottles. He sent along this video of him showing how to tie one on, furoshiki style. (If you’re reading this in a feed reader, click here to view.)

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25 Responses to “HOWTO: make a furoshiki wine carrier”

  1. Absolutely genius…simple, elegant and beautiful

    -thanks for the demo

  2. […] while trolling wine blogs, I found a great demonstration chez Dr. Vino of a furoshiki wine bottle carrier. What a fabulous idea! It’s so simple, pratical, and beautiful. I am never creative enough to […]

  3. What a great idea!

  4. Fantastic!!!! I post this in my blog

  5. Tomorrow I’ll go to the work with it :-)!

  6. Fantastic, everybody! Glad you are digging this wine origami!

  7. Very interesting! How big is that hunk of cloth?

  8. Hey bb –

    My furoshiki are 24″ x 24″

  9. Thanks!

  10. Awesome! Wonder if we’ll ever see these on …. sure beats those wine tote bags.

  11. amazon…. maybe we could buy them here at the Dr. Vino online store. 🙂

  12. […] this idea is a tad late for the holidays, it’s never a bad time to give wine as a gift or to bring a […]

  13. […] 24×24 inches. This looks like something you want to arrive at the dinner party with in hand. HOWTO: make a furoshiki wine carrier [Dr. Vino’s Wine […]

  14. Thanks everyone!
    KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORE, which is located
    1073 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10018.
    tel 212-869-1700.
    You can buy them there.

  15. […] had seen these before, but a post somewhere linking to Dr. Vino reminded me about […]

  16. […] ya’ll heard of furoshiki? I hadn’t, until I watched this awesome video (via Lifehacker) showcasing a neat way to turn a piece of square cloth into the coolest wine bottle […]

  17. There are three different wine bottle folds: two-bottle carry wrap, single-bottle carry wrap and kimono bottle wrap. Check out for folding instructions; we are a Portland, Oregon startup company and make all our products locally. The instructions on our site also notes the furoshiki size you need. Furoshikis are fun and easy to use!

  18. […] found this really neat article on how to make a furoshiki wine carrier… basically you take a square piece of cloth and wind it up around the two wine bottles and […]

  19. you can also buy them at

  20. If you think this is cool, there are so many other ways to use this type of wrapping, I am promoting my new business to turn people on to it. It is green and posh!

  21. […] Katie’s new blog, Gonzo Gastronomy HOWTO: make a furoshiki wine carrier Permalink | SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Wine tote made from old wine mags – I give it 94 […]

  22. Furoshiki are fantastic! Check out Our hand printed and tie dyed furoshiki are fun, fuss-free, affordable & eco-friendly. The jumbo cloths are ideal for 2 bottles (105x105cm), approx 70x70cm cloths for single bottles and 50x50cm fabrics for the kimono wrap for carafes.
    Happy knotting!

  23. If you have an old large square washable scarf, it could be “recycled” as furoshimi!

  24. […] 24×24 inches. This looks like something you want to arrive at the dinner party with in hand. HOWTO: make a furoshiki wine carrier [Dr. Vino's Wine […]

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