Impossible food wine pairings: chili con carne!


We’re back with our “impossible” pairings of food we eat here in America with wines we drink! The latest installment is…

chili con carne

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20 Responses to “Impossible food wine pairings: chili con carne!”

  1. I make chili with a generous amount of Guinness so that’s the typical pairing. But if wine is a must I’d recommend a high quality slightly off-dry German Riesling.

  2. Cru Beaujolais, the wine for all reasons. A Fleurie, Morgon, or Moulin-A-Vent for original Texas-style chili.

    I must comment for the record that no chili queen worth her salt would ever sell you a bowl of chili con carne with beans in it.

  3. I see Wine Scamp’s impeccable logic in the Beaujolais suggestion, but it would need to be one of the cru to have the stuffing to stand up to that bowl of chili, cheese, and beans.

    I am all for grenache these days. It’s aromatic, fruity, and not overwhelmingly tannic. I’m finding I like it a lot with BBQ, which has many of the same flavor elements as chili (cumin, peppers, tomato, etc.)

    So I think I might try a grenache and see how it works. Even a Rhone blend of grenache and syrah might make for a very nice pairing.

    Love these end of the week brain teasers!

  4. You may have to search a bit, but a wine I recently tasted called House Jam Smooth Red is what chilli has been waiting for… Don’t let the name fool you, its in the bottle. The wine is from Italy and the varietal is Bonarda. This wine offered excellent ripe cherry friut, a slight sparkle and it was served cold.

    Find it and cook up some spicy hot chilli…

  5. I share similar sentiments to Jay’s, although with a slightly different choice of beer. 🙂

    I usually pair any chili with a white ale or a trappist-style ale.

    I agree with the recommendation for a slightly off-dry German Riesling, though.

  6. I’m w/Dr. Debs on Grenache — but I would lean to Spain and go for an old vines Garnacha or even a Monastrell.

  7. I’ve actually served wine with homemade chili, and picked inexpensive Spanish reds. Garnacha worked better than Tempranillo, but both were decent pairings. It’s nice in the winter–a hot bowl of chili and a slightly cool red drunk out of a coffee cup or tumbler.

    I’ve loads of proper stemware but some wines are fine drunk out of old jelly jars. Helps to show wine-novice friends that wine can be a casual beverage to go with casual food.

  8. I tend to use syrah in my Chili. I brown the beef and then remove it, add in garlic and onions and the leftover juice from the meat and simmer than with a low end syrah and then add the meat back and continue on. I tend to like warm weather syrah’s with chili.

  9. My gut reaction, literally, has me reaching for a chilled Grenache rose–if the party had run out of beer.

    My “Iron Sommelier” choice for this competition would probably have me hooking up the secret ingredient CHILI with a good white wine from Alsace. Pinot Gris or Riesling but probably both.

  10. I think with the tomatoes and beef I’d have to go with Sangiovese . . . although the spice may dictate something with a bit more bite. Zin’s too fruity, so I think I’d have to go with Amy on a Syrah. Hmmm . . .

  11. I’d throw some Gewurztraminer into the play.

  12. ….with Tokaj dry Furmint.It’s excellent!

  13. I would go for something hearty – an Argentine Malbec would be my first choice.

  14. A super big, juicy, alcoholic, New World, blob-buster. In short any parker-pleaser. And chili is about the only thing big enough to make the wine seem drinkable.

  15. Sparkling shiraz! Works…everytime, like Colt 45.

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  17. A pintful of cava.

  18. How about a Rose of Cabernet Franc? The best from the worlds of red and white!

  19. Italian lambrusco! Serve cold.

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