Wine Blogging Wednesday 18: wine shops that feel the love

Ah, February with its abundant love cliches is soon approaching. But this year we food and wine bloggers will have nothing to do with pink champagne and heart-shaped tubs (at least that we’ll write about). Instead, the theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #18 is:

wine shops that feel the love!

We all have to buy our wines somewhere and why settle for dreary supermarkets or liquor stores when there are so many great (new) wine shops around the world? The shop that you will write about doesn’t have to be big. Or fancy. But it does have to feel the love for the fruits of the vine with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, a good selection, periodic free tastings (where legally available) and reasonable pricing. Custom shelf talkers (if any at all), original design, store layout, wine displays, or an informative newsletter are definite plusses.

And for those who absolutely MUST drink taste wine for WBW, consider it bonus points to write-up a value vino that a member of the shop’s staff recommended.

I’m looking forward to learning about fun new shops endorsed by fellow bloggers that I can check out on my future travels. Wednesday February 1, 2006 is the date for your posting on your blog. If you don’t have a blog, start one! (or I can post the comment of the blogless in my roundup) If you want to post photos to Flickr, tag them WBW and/or WBW18. Thanks to fearless WBW coordinator and founder Lenn–I’m pleased to be able to use the new logo! Cheers,


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14 Responses to “Wine Blogging Wednesday 18: wine shops that feel the love”

  1. This will be interesting and tough as I am familiar with one store in Madisonville that just changed names, but it will be difficult to get an objective choice out of the staff! Maybe I could fly out to California and visit Calistoga!

    I think I will write up my SECOND favorite wine store.


  2. Great theme! I look forward to reading about everyone’s favorite places.

  3. Har har Jens. Maybe you could use it as an excuse to hit a new shop in Dayton, OH (and have an offline with Mark)? Louisville? or Indy? or Chicago or New York?!?!

  4. I’ll be watching this one from the sidelines. Up here in Quebec, as well as most of Canada and Northern Europe, wines sales are adminstrated by a state-controlled liquor monopoly. (That’s kind of a hot topic right now for us since there’s a pricing scandal going on.) But don’t take that as reason to feel sorry for little old me — my blog still has access to a wide range of wines and none of them even feature Russian text on the labels!

  5. Actually I heard that is the place to be on Friday night for wine tastings!

  6. g58 and others who live in state-controlled areas (Utah),

    why do you pick one state-controlled store over another? There must be a staffer who “feels the love”–maybe talk to him or her about what it’s like to work in such an environment? (Some have even argued the advantages of such a system.) Or maybe you have visited a great wine store in your travels? Be creative! I hope nobody lets living in a control state prevent them from participating–you are clever enough to write about wines while living in such an environment so I’m sure you can work something out for this WBW.

  7. yeah!!! I have a great little wine shop in Shell Beach I have been looking toward tell the world about.

    This is going to be fun and hopefully rewarding to our favorite wine shops.

    ps…. new logo is up and ready for your download.

  8. We are IN! This gives us a chance to visit that new wine shop we have yet to check out. Thanks Dr. Vino for hosting!

    Joe & Lori
    ‘A Guy, a Girl, and a Bottle’

  9. Don’t for get to send me an email with your posting on Feb 1. Cheers.

  10. My favourite wine shop is in our village, about 90km from Cape Town, South Africa. Old Dalby is in a pretty house on the main road of Riebeek West. Inside you are surrounded by dozens of wonderful, less commercialized wines from our country’s many wonderful vineyards. The family who own it will advise you and no matter what your budget, you will leave with something wonderful.

  11. definitely in. i’ll be posting about a little wine shop in brooklyn called smith & vine, which is tiny but packs tons of little gems. they hold wine tasting classes, lectures, and other foodie events. the owners, former employees of the famed Blue Hill restaurant, are friendly and are always happy to make a recommendation. tiny place – yet it far outshines some of the bigger stores with bigger inventories.

  12. It is difficult to choose a single favourite… We did a few paris recommendations, one classic and one iconoclastic and one bonus suggestion. You can find them here:

    The BKWine Brief Blog

    The Wine Picture Blog

    /Per & Britt, BKWine

  13. I couldn’t choose just one, so I did two.

  14. Tis done, my first WBW!


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