About Dr. Vino

I talk, teach and write about wine. I’ve written two wine books: the first tells the backstory of the wine industry in France and America; the second is a practical guide chock full of wine recommendations. Wine Politics: How Governments, Environmentalists, Mobsters, and Critics Influence the Wines We Drink (University of California Press) was described as “enlightening” by Publishers Weekly and A Year of Wine: Perfect Pairings, Great Buys, and What to Sip with Each Season (Simon & Schuster) was deemed “witty, lively, and loaded with common sense” by the Chicago Tribune. I wrote the wine pairings for Stanley Tucci’s The Tucci Cookbook.

This all started in my Ph.D. dissertation on the political economy of the wine industry in France and the United States. So yes, I am a real doctor—I don’t just play one on the web. On this site I make wine recommendations as well as look at the world through the wine glass, bringing in diverse perspectives and lively reader contributions. My wine writing has also appeared in print in Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits, the New York Times, Forbes.com, The Guardian, Decanter, Sommelier Journal, Men’s Health, Bicycling, and The World of Fine Wine among other places (see “in the media” for complete list). I also teach wine classes at NYU and The New School and previously at the University of Chicago. I taste over 1,000 wines a year, give talks and tastings for individuals, groups and corporations (see “events“). Thanks for visiting and consider subscribing to the site feed. Cheers!
Tyler Colman


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