Michel Rolland rants about the post-Parker world

Michel Rolland, the consultant wine maker based in Pomerol, really likes the 2015 Bordeaux vintage, which is currently being shown off en primeur in Bordeaux. When a journalist asked him if the vintage was an antidote to “Bordeaux bashing” it set him off. Here is his rant (my translation):

“There’s no antidote for stupidity. And it’s reaching monumental proportions. For me, 2015 is a superlative vintage. There are too many assholes to even see it. They realize it 10 years later, as usual. We’re in a world without balls, we live without balls. Full stop. There isn’t a journalist who would notice. Anyway, there isn’t a wine writer with enough weight in the world today. Wine writers are totally indifferent. This has nothing to do with the market. They talk, write and think as they wish [today] and nobody will give a flying fig in 2040! When they know that, they will start to become humble. Not become intelligent, mind you, because that would be difficult, but reasonably different.”

In related news, Robert Parker stopped reviewing Bordeaux futures last year.

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11 Responses to “Michel Rolland rants about the post-Parker world”

  1. No offense intended.

  2. Well to the average human bordeaux futures just get to expensive, Ill wait 10years and buy it ready to drink, and enjoy it and not pay storage fees etc etc

  3. I’ve been boycotting Bordeaux for fifteen years and I can honestly say that my life is better for it. Michel Rolland is a dick.

  4. Because apparently it’s impossible that Bordeaux-bashing is based on the viable opinion that many of its wines are exceedingly overpriced.

  5. Of course Mr. Rolland has these feelings. Mr Parker has made him millions and now that those styles of wine are falling out of fashion he is probably losing money.

  6. I don’t know Mr. Rolland well enough to call him a name.
    But Dennis, a man with a pretty good palate, I trust.

  7. I don’t know Mr. Rolland, but I’ll call him a name. Sure seems like a dick to me. Full stop.

  8. Thanks Donn. I’m not usually about calling people names but this struck me as so arrogant. Let’s just say I dislike where Bordeaux is these days and he a big reason why it’s where it is.

  9. […] reported by Dr. Vino (and elsewhere), much-celebrated (and almost-as-often-maligned) consultant winemaker Michel Rolland […]

  10. It is at least quite an entertaining statement 🙂

  11. […] Dr. Vino przytacza krytykę słynnego latającego winemakera Michela Rollanda. Czyżby pan Rolland zaczął się obawiać o swoje kontrakty w Bordeaux po tym jak Parker stwierdził, że odpuszcza ocenianie nowych roczników z tego regionu? […]


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