Wine class — for credit

new_school_logoBoth UC San Diego and San Diego State announced this week that they are offering craft beer classes–for credit, not in dorm rooms. Much to their credit, the press release actually had a beer pong joke. Then it pointed to the commercial opportunities in the $300 million a year craft beer industry.

On a related note, I’m thrilled to be teaching my first-ever wine class for credit later next month. I know, what if a student gets an F in “Fundamentals of Wine” on their transcript?

The class is offered at the New School in the Continuing Education school. Starting on a Wednesday evening, we will have a three-hour lecture/seminar about some of the macro-historical, economic, political and critical aspects of wine. Then on Thursday, we will head to wineries in Long Island to kick the dirt, talk with winemakers, and sample wines. The next three days will offer tastings at the International Culinary Center. On Sunday evening, we will conclude by meeting in a wine shop to discuss the business of wine and retail.

I haven’t finalized the syllabus yet but each part will count toward the final grade and there will be a final essay/writing project.

As far as I know, this is the first for-credit wine course offered at a university in NYC. Should be a pretty fun two credits.

Fundamentals of Wine NFDS2830
A 5 session(s). Wed. thru Sun., 6:00 PM-9:00 PM, beg. June 26.

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8 Responses to “Wine class — for credit”

  1. Tyler:

    I presented a wine course for Cooper Union’s continuing education program from 2004-2007. Not sure if it was credited (memory is the first to go) but it certainly was fun for me to do it–and I hope it was for the attendees.

    Buona fortuna.

  2. NYU’s Food Studies Program has offered a wine course for credit for over decade.

    It has the incredibly unsexy name “Beverages.”

  3. Thomas and Scott – thanks for the clarifications. So much for being first! But hopefully it will still be fun.

    I hope that there are more wine classes for credit. The long-standing one at Rutgers that has epic waiting lists certainly demonstrates ample demand–as if we didn’t know that already.

  4. Congratulations Tyler! Very cool program at the New School. I’m sure it will be great.

  5. Maybe in the craft beer class they can teach about over hopped beer.

  6. I’ll bet you make your class memorize the Bordeaux Wine Classifications. Maybe for extra credit.

  7. congrats tyler! i’m sure you’ll make an excellent teacher

  8. Thanks, Philippe!

    Ha, Gary, I’m sure they will get into that debate on Day 1 of the craft beer class.

    Robin – done! And with a pop quiz.

    Gabe – Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually have been teaching wine classes at NYU for eight years now. This one at the New School is the first one for credit though. I hope there are more across the country!


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