Brangelina’s new baby

miravalBrangelina, known for adopting babies among other things, have one more thing to keep them busy: they are the latest entrants into the crowded field of celebrity wine.

However, unlike most celebrity wines which are simply brand extensions and the celebrities wouldn’t know the vineyard that provided the grapes if they ended up there on a winery crawl, the Pitt Jolie duo actually live on their vineyard. Well, let’s not get too carried away: the peripatetic couple have been more-or-less residing on the 1,000-acre estate in Provence since 2008. They’ve decided to get serious about the wine and have started a joint venture with the Perrin family of Beaucastel to make a rosé at first, due out in a couple of months, with a white and a red to follow. Marc Perrin told Bloomberg that they tasted through several rosés and agreed on the style they wanted. The wines will be bottled under the Miraval label and will have “Jolie-Pitt and Perrin” on the back.

There has to be a joke in here somewhere, but the project actually sounds quite serious! Hopefully it will be more Fight Club than Se7en. And it won’t start off tasting old, like Benjamin Button. Or it will be good enough to be gone in 60 seconds…Argh, make it stop!

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7 Responses to “Brangelina’s new baby”

  1. they stole that idea from jenifer aniston

  2. Pathetic on all counts, makes you wonder about what the Perrin’s are doing.

  3. I like the bottle…

  4. “…makes you wonder about what the Perrin’s are doing.’

    For starters, how ’bout going after the money.

    Nothing more malleable than a celebrity-chasing public, as the sycophants of certain wine critics prove.

  5. Hmm, exciting, they could actually get scores that exceed their IQ’s. Nice.

  6. I’m not trying to validate this venture, but from what I hear, Brad Pitt is quite the vinophile. If the wine sucks….hey, at least they have a cool looking bottle!

  7. The Brangelinas (such an easy collective noun) are wise to partner with the Perrin family. There are four young sons; I wonder whether this is a project for one or more of them.


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