Wine sippy cups – how much do they suck?

Wine sippy cups – how much do they suck?

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Thanks, Jennie!

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17 Responses to “Wine sippy cups – how much do they suck?”

  1. Those aren’t wine glasses. If I remember correctly, they’re an old-fashioned liqueur glass. I can’t, for the life of me recall where from.

  2. They’re brandy pipes, designed so that the warmth from your hand will open up the brandy as you pull it through the stem.

    Probably not particularly well suited for wine.

  3. They don’t allow smelling the wine as you’re tasting it, which is not a good thing.

    Unless a personal has a disability that makes it difficult to drink from a conventional glass, what’s the point?

  4. they suck alot!

  5. I would suspect that the warmth of your hand would warm up the wine….but very cool design

  6. I have these exact glasses. They are best used with port or brandy.
    They are a great conversation piece!

  7. They are good for Port as well as getting around floating chunks in your glass. I don’t think I would drink anything else from them.

  8. Great Christmas gift.

  9. […] not a wine purist, but these sippy glasses for wine really threw me for a loop. Saw them on Dr. Vino’s wine blog. What do you think? Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to […]

  10. This looks like a Pirun. I drank wine from something similar in Italy in the coastal town of Corniglia at Enoteca Il Pirun. Instead of sucking the wine as through a straw, you tilt your head back and pour it into your mouth through the spout. Supposedly it aerates the wine as it passes through the spout and flies through the air to your mouth.

  11. perfect for the two bucker chuckers

  12. You’re all wrong. It’s the latest craze at the border between Canada and the U.S. Wine bonging.

  13. Sean – Aha, brandy. Well, they should picture them with some cognac in them then! I guess other people say here they have used them for port, so maybe that’s what pictured, not red wine.

    Julie – how big are they?

    Thomas – yes, looks like a wine pipe! Maybe there will be a wine hookah?

  14. RobinC made me LOL

  15. Somebody gave two to me as gifts a long time ago. He called them port pipes. They were fun but the novelty wore off and I don’t know what happened to them. i don’t think they broke, I should buy some port and look around for them.

  16. These wine sippers are a novelty, but it can be fun to sip Port with them. The stems break easily in the dishwasher.

  17. They are good for cheap port or fireball whiskey


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