Drink like a hipster: pelaverga edition

Pelaverga. Never heard of it? That’s understandable. This is almost an heirloom variety in Piedmont that used to be grown in greater quantity (and even blended into Barolo before it had to be 100% nebbiolo). Now the grape is experiencing something of a resurgence as a handful of producers are bottling the grape on its own and some of those are making their way in minute quantities to our shores.

G. B. Burlotto, a producer in the town of Verduno more known for their Barolo, makes this 2010 Pelverga. The light color is akin to a pinot noir, but the mouthfeel is lighter and peppery tannins undergird bright fruit. It’s not complex as a Barolo but it doesn’t need to be: it’s food-friendly, with though brio to be a fun red this summer.

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7 Responses to “Drink like a hipster: pelaverga edition”

  1. Yum.

  2. I love Perlaverga although few would call me a hipster. Definitely a grape and wines worth remembering.Domenico Valentino importers have done a lot to promote this grape variety, a service in my opinion.

  3. F.lli Alessandria 2007 and Antonio Brero 2007: two delicious Pelavergas I recall.
    Nice grape indeed.

  4. LOVE Pelaverga! Another great producer is Castello de Verduno. They do a traditional still red and I believe the only en Bianco version as well as the only sparkling Rose version. all outstanding. Love the Burlotto version BTW!

  5. I have to object to the “drink like a hipster” designation here. Hipsters, as we know, drink little more than Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sure, they might venture into craft spirits or artisanal Swartzbiers briefly, but they’ll retreat en masse as soon as they sniff mainstream appeal. As a wine from the very popular Piedmont region, I very much doubt that Pelaverga is ironic enough for the hipster crowd. Almaden Burgundy-in-a-box is the altogether more appropriate choice.

  6. I’ve just tried the Burlotto – not a grape I’ve come across before here in Australia. Quite unlike anything I’ve tried before too!

  7. Drink like a hipster! Ha!


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