Downfall of a Cult California Winery [video]

Sometimes these spoof wine videos come in waves–remember the animated wine trade videos? Now, the meme of the moment appears to be “Hitler yelling” videos, such as the one we saw recently.

This new one, entitled “Downfall of a Cult Californian Winery,” depicts the plight of a cult winery owner during this time of a changing of the critic at the Wine Advocate. A little “inside baseball,” but pretty scathing and some good LOLz to start your day.

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14 Responses to “Downfall of a Cult California Winery [video]”

  1. Fantastic

  2. Spot on!

  3. Thanks for sharing Dr Vino, in 30 years of selling, marketing, and making wine this is the most brilliant piece I have seen. Cheers!

  4. Tim – You’re right.

    I should have mentioned that I give this (96-98+) making it an extraordinary video of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic parody and a 119-second finish. View now until June 2014.

  5. Hi Tyler,

    Did you see the other Hitler reacts video I sent you via Twitter two weeks ago? I think it might have prompted BrownandRedWine to create this one. The other video mentioned you in it:

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Yes, I saw it and posted about it (link above). Thanks.

  7. Duh. Sorry I missed it. Shouldn’t have waited for the tweet back. 🙂

  8. I’d like to see the Producers by Mel Brooks lip synched. Maybe counterfeit wines could be the topic.

  9. Thanks for the laugh

  10. brilliant, most of them are good, this one was really good

  11. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but I find this video (as well as the other similar ones) in very poor taste.

  12. Thanks for posting our video Dr Vino. We have been amazed at the response. Hopefully there will be more to follow.

    Lisa – we have never seen the video you speak of, but will check it out. The Downfall scene provides plenty of comedic avenues to explore and Robert Parker Jr/ Cult Californian wineries are a big target.
    Marlene – apologies if you found the video in bad taste. That clip has been used plenty of times (if that is what you found in bad taste), but if the content upset you, I guess we will have to agree to disagree(on our web site we do put a caveat that there is swearing in the clip, etc).

    Dr Vino – thanks once again for linking our clip, and thanks for the excellent website.

    Brown, RedtoBrown Wine Review.

  13. Hey Mr./Ms. Brown – Thanks for stopping by. The video is hilarious–we all need a good laugh since the Hosemaster retired!

    @Lisa- Thanks!

  14. Well I think the videa is hilarous but it is TRULLY REPRESENTS TODAYS WAY OF WHO SEVERAL (if not the majority of producers) a way to get their wine on the market, which is very sad……..

    The hell with them



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