SIPPED: diary of a wine rep

Just stumbled on this fictitious (or not?!?) diary of a wine sales rep. Some LOLz for you whether you are in the wine trade or a wine geek who has ever wondered what it might be like selling the wines you love. The entry on the Languedoc gets two-and-a-half stars. Er, wait, they have wine to sell–92 points.

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9 Responses to “SIPPED: diary of a wine rep”

  1. Why thank you, Doctor! I’m flattered! And not at all fictitious, but really real and really spending my days selling wine. Thanks for the favorable score! It’s wonderful to see a number like that and yet know that I don’t have to spend the rest of the evening making shelf-talkers for it! The post in question was actually from The REPublic, meaning it was sent in from a reader… the introduction in Italics is mine. But I have to admit that upon reading his Dear Winebuyer letter, I was inspired to fill my bag with the Languedoc wines that I currently sell. And I hope it inspires other reps to do the same and other buyers to be more open-minded on what they can or can’t sell.

  2. […] Dear Dr. Vino, […]

  3. My pleasure, wine rep! I was going to give you an 89 but I know that wouldn’t get your blog anywhere. So I took pity and volted you way up to the 92. Now I think you are supposed to paper your blog with shelf-talkers–they’re free, after all! And, yes, Wine REPublic wrote the item about selling wines of Languedoc. You should make him/her a member of your blog staff.

    Glad you have Wine Politics on your Kindle and hope you enjoy it.

  4. Thank you for this gem! I have gotten far too absorbed in this already today. Love the snarky humor-a perfect indulgence while my little ones are having their daily dose of PBS!

  5. Unlike “Dear Wine Buyer” I don’t need to hide my identity.
    Pretty funny blog.
    I trust you are one of the 1% of wine salesperson in NYC that actually knows what you’re talking about when you’re breaking our chops to present us with your latest shitty winemaker from CA that your boss forced you to walk around the city on a leash.
    Good day

  6. Who says I’m in NYC?

  7. I didn’t think so. You wouldn’t make here darling

  8. You’re probably right… I like where I live and I like where I sell. Jean-Luc, I would love to hear some of your stories about your beloved wine reps… I’m sure you have a trunk load of ’em… why don’t you submit to the Cattle Call?

  9. Dear Wine Rep,
    It’s funny you would ask. I actually pretty much only have great things to say about the fine wine reps who help me curate the collection of wines I have in my store.
    The ones who
    -regularly forgot my allocations
    -send me 10 unrequested emails a day
    -screw up my orders
    -Show up uninvited for the -nth time
    -Try to push on me the wines that are going to get them a vacay in South Beach
    (I’m sure I forgot a few things)
    I GOT RID OFF A LONG TIME AGO, and some of them are probably like you writing blogs of net or trashing the mouths that fed them in chatrooms just to prove their sense of self-worth.
    So here’s to my wine reps


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