Where in the wine world are we? Grape elevator edition

Given that we had fun with our weekend edutainment a couple of weeks ago, we bring you an encore edition. Last time, it was grapes transported down the steep vineyard via something akin to a ski gondola. This time, we present steep vineyard transportation via something like a dumbwaiter.

Where in the wine world do they do that? Hit the comments with your thoughts. Answer and photo attribution to follow.

And one day, in our steep vineyard series, we do hope to run a photo of someone sliding down on the seat of his pants.

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20 Responses to “Where in the wine world are we? Grape elevator edition”

  1. Not sure where that is, but the use similar systems in Riberia Sacra

  2. somewhere In cinque terre, liguria, italy?

  3. I’m going to go with somewhere in the Mosel, Germany

  4. Hermitage?

  5. Difficult to say … The soil looks like slate, the cultivation could be a horizontal trellis system …. I have not seen something like this on the Mosel … so I rather believe this to be somewhere in the South of Europe … Switzerland, Italy, France … Maybe Portugal – Since Portwine is renown for growing on Slate.

  6. I would guess Germany as well, As Davis has already proposed Mosel, I will say the Rhine 😉

  7. Several years ago we visited the Cinque Terre in Italy and stayed in Vernazza. The hillsides were very steep and something like what was pictured was used to convey the grapes to a manageable level.

    Chuck Antonio

  8. Bierzo…

  9. Priorat?

  10. I second Germany, how about Rheingau?

  11. I vote for Germany, Mosel. Dr.Tanish vineyards, or something similar.
    Am I right?

  12. I’m with Davis. Looks like the Mosel.

  13. Côte roti in the northern rhône valley?

  14. Sorry, that’s spelled “Côte Rôtie”, my bad.

  15. Duero River, (Portugal)

  16. Mosel!

  17. Lavaux, Switzerland ?

  18. Thanks for playing along, all! Hope you had a good weekend.

    The photo is, in fact, from the lower Mosel–Winningen to be precise at the Uhlen terraced vineyard. Lyle Fass posted about his trip there over on his blog and we reproduced the photo here with his permission. Check out his post for more dramatic (and hi res) photos.

    Congrats to Davis, Lizzy, Al, and Dimitry!

  19. Mosel, for sure.

  20. Switzerland


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