Pumpple pie: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

Tired of having to decide between apple pie and pumpkin pie? A Philadelphia baker now gives you the chance to try both–at once.

As Kathy Lee and Hoda demonstrated on the Today Show, the “pumpple” pie bakes a pumpkin pie inside a chocolate cake, an apple pie in a vanilla cake and slathers the two pies in buttercream icing. Move over turducken! A slice is purported to have 1,800 calories.

Which wine would you pair with this dessert that eats like a meal? Or is it…impossible?!?

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12 Responses to “Pumpple pie: impossible food-wine pairing?!?”

  1. Any full size or large format bottle would be sufficient to hit me over the head and avoid this concotion.

  2. Impossible, no. Ridiculous, yes! We’ll need something light and easy to contrast that 1,800 calorie excess, and something bubbly to cut through the buttercream. It’s an obvious go-to but I’m going there anyway….

    Moscato d’Asti. Great with apple pie, pumpkin pie, cake, buttercream, even chocolate. I particularly like the Moscato from Barolo’s G.D. Vajra, but your fave will do in a pinch.

  3. That pie/cake looks revolting! Why would you even consider pairing any wine with it? Perhaps a full bottle of vodka to forget your sorrows after eating it or, likely more to the point, a referral to your local mental health center!

  4. Another vote for Muscato d’ Asti.

    Of course, I would just have another glass of whatever I had with dinner and skip the dessert.

  5. Well, the obvious first response is alka seltzer. The second perhaps some sort of digestif?

  6. Have a big glass of whatever you want – Calvados for me – because this will be your last meal.

  7. Pair it with some White Port!!…and a big glass of water.

  8. Halloween was yesterday, Tyler. Don’t trick or treat us today.

    The pairing: Vin Santo, of course. Take a sip and say your prayers before you attempt to eat this scary dessert!

    Anyone care to suggest what wine pairs best with a Costco-sized bag of leftover Halloween treats?

  9. alka seltzer.

  10. Ok, so clearly I’m the only one here who actually thinks that this Frankenstein’s Monster of a dessert looks delicious. Don’t judge me! This over-the-top sweet dessert deserves an over-the-top sweet ice wine. Everyone may now resume feigning disgust.

  11. Regret.

  12. Beaumes de Venise


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