Halloween candy: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

Halloween is a mere two days away and excitement is building around the Dr. Vino World Headquarters: for the kids, they’re after the candy; for me, I can’t wait to take down all the skeletons, ghosts and goblin decorations.

As candy washes over the country these days in a giant, wrapper-encrusted wave, it seems only timely: which wine goes with Halloween candy? Or is it impossible?!?

Please make your candy suggestions as trashy as possible–no gourmet chocolates here, just Reese’s peanut butter cups, KitKats, Almond Joy, Butterfinger, Pop Rocks and/or Necco wafers.

For those of you who cannot fathom pairing candy and wine, then play sommelier for Paul Rudnick: as profiled in yesterday’s NYT, the 51 year old man weighs 150 pounds and subsist almost entirely on candy.

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18 Responses to “Halloween candy: impossible food-wine pairing?!?”

  1. Perhaps an over oaked butter bomb of a Chardonnay would pair well with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup? Now I’m just going to have to try that…

  2. I usually drink big red wines, mostly Cabernet or Merlot. If I get the munchies, most any candy bar will go with it. Sometimes they can change the wine a bit, but I suffer through it.

  3. A nice ballsy Zin would go well with dark chocolate.

  4. Hmm, if I was eating a mixed bag of trashy candy (plethora of chocolate bars, M&Ms, smarties, tootsie rolls, candy corn…crap like that), give me some overly sweetened Oloroso.

    Williams & Humbert Walnut Brown, perhaps? Brown sugar, molasses, dark and nutty…


  5. Candy corn and chardonnay?
    Special dark hershey’s miniatures and port?
    Butterfinger or clark’s bars and moscato?
    Or pop rocks and champagne? Like the coke/pop rocks combo, could be explosive.
    Necco wafers are difficult. The new old flavors are good but they are so dry and powdery. Not sure there.
    I think any fruit-flavored candy would be a hard match – Mike and Ikes, Tootsie dots, etc.

  6. Banfi’s Rosa Regale (Bracchetto d’acqui) works rather nicely with almost any cheap milk chocoloate. I’d try a sweet sherry with butterfingers or reeses. But this really is an exercise in masochism more than anything else, so how about Boone’s Pina Colada with almond joy?

  7. My favorite pairing is ruby Port with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. Delicious!

  8. Trentadue Chocolate Amore smells and tastes like a liquid Tootsie Roll. So there’s one pairing down.

  9. Wait! No one has mentioned sparkling wine yet? Okay, I’ll do it… Prosecco!?

  10. A good Tea, Assam or Ceylon based…Nice warm fire, and some sort of Anti Diabetes Shot or something

  11. Cerdon and Pop Rocks. Sweet and simple.

  12. I like the Cerdon and Pop Rocks idea!

    For me, candy corn and Passito di Pantelleria.

  13. Reese’s has a dark chocolate peanut butter cup mini that I think I’d like to try with either a 10 year old tawny port or a sparkling wine. Maybe I’ll hold those back from the other candies I give out tomorrow…

  14. Tyler, did you dress up this year? I wonder if anyone had clever wine-related costumes.

  15. I’d like to try some sourpatch kids or sour skittles with some riesling or gewurtztraminer.

  16. I’m going to attempt a 2001 Hermitage with Reese’s tonight. Will let you know the results.

  17. […] challenges his readers to recommend wine or to agree that it is an impossible pairing, including Halloween candy in […]

  18. Kit Kat® and Merlot. The lush red wine with plum, black currant, and spiced cocoa is a match


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