An olde tyme wine tasting scene

For your time wasting needs today, we bring you a mildly amusing wine tasting scene with Vincent Price and Peter Lorre. It may be from 1972 and be based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story “The Cask of Amontillado.” But if you know for sure, hit the comments.

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14 Responses to “An olde tyme wine tasting scene”

  1. Too funny. We tend to take ourselves way too seriously!

  2. I love the facial expressions in this scene and his “unorthodox drinking method.” You have to give it to Peter Lorre’s portrayal of Montresor–he knows his wine and certainly loves it.

  3. where is this from a movie or a show?

  4. I saw this movie by chance one day and was amazed at this scene.
    Let the wine snobs take one on the chin!

  5. […] via: drvino […]

  6. Brilliant! If only all wine tastings could be that way.

  7. hmm, can’t be from 1972 as Peter Lorre passed away in 1964..

    good stuff though..

  8. Must be from Comedy of Terrors in 1964…

  9. Sorry, it’s from “Tales of Terror” 1962, American International Pictures horror film. The three short sequences are based on the following Poe tales: “Morella”, “The Black Cat” which is combined with another Poe tale, “The Cask of Amontillado”[1], and “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar”. Each sequence is introduced by Vincent Price who also appears in all three narratives.
    “The Black Cat” sequence stars Montresor Herringbone (Peter Lorre) hates his wife Annabelle (Joyce Jameson) and her black cat. One night on a ramble about town, he happens upon a wine-tasting event and challenges the world’s foremost wine taster, Fortunato Luchresi (Vincent Price), to a contest. Herringbone becomes drunk. Luchresi escorts him home and meets his wife. Time passes, and Annabelle and Luchresi become intimate. The cuckholded Herringbone then inters them alive in an alcove in the basement. The authorities become suspicious and two policemen (John Hackett and Lennie Weinrib) visit the house to investigate. Hearing screeching behind a basement wall, they knock the wall down to discover the dead lovers — and Annabelle’s black cat, which Herringbone had accidentally walled up with the lovers. Cast includes Wally Campo as bartender Wilkins and Alan DeWitt as the Wine-Tasting Chairman.

  10. Wow, R T, thanks for the amazing detail!

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  12. Great video, very humorous. Reminds me of my first time wine tasting. Speaking of tastings, what are some of you favorite tasting experiences, recommendations, etc?

  13. Tales of Terror producer: Roger Corman.
    Bit part appearance in this cinematic tryptich: Jack Nicholson

    Peter Lorre, inimitable;
    Vincent Price, priceless.

  14. The Black Cat.

    I’ve been trying to find this forever.


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