French fries: impossible food-wine pairing?!

french fries

I poured a Loire cab franc at an event recently and suggested that it would go well with fatty food, some roasted chicken perhaps. Someone asked, “How bout fries?”

I’d never thought about pairing wine with fries! So, I ask you, is it … impossible?!? Hit the comments with your suggestions! And please note whether your wine suggestion considers either ketchup or mustard–or (UPDATE, for European readers) mayo!


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24 Responses to “French fries: impossible food-wine pairing?!”

  1. Sparkling wine! I like it best with a brut sparkler, and fries hot out of the oven just sprinkled with salt. It works like Champagne with hot salted popcorn.

  2. I’m with Sonadora. Hot french fries, salt (no ketchup), and champagne. Yummy.

  3. Hello from Chicago, Tyler. I am using the anonymity of initials in order to express a dark, secret love: a crisp sauvignon blanc and thin fries with mayo (or fresh goat cheese).

  4. I once paired French fries with a crisp riesling–impeccable! Perfect acidity balance

  5. Navaelus Cabernet Merlot (Spain!) with a mustard soup (yep soup with wine!)

    Greetings from Holland!


  6. I’m doing the very thing as I type. We call ’em chips, they’re in the oven as a Verdejo from Rueda cools in the fridge

  7. does it pair with the mayo you use. European Style none of this Catsup crap ^_^

  8. Its got to be Champagne with fries!!!
    I am new to this ‘Blogging’ and have been suprised and pleased to read the articles talked about on this site. The passion for wine etc is fab!! Great work, keep it up.

  9. A Lambrusco Salamino di S Croce possibly traditional method like the Saetti one. Lambrusco was born to pair greasy and rich food, with low alcohol fresh fruits and light bubbles to clean your mouth.
    Buona Bevuta a Tutti

  10. This one isn’t even difficult.

    You have to go with nice yeasty Champagne. I think that I would be partial to Pierre Peters BdB, especially if you serve the fries with mayo!

  11. Yes, indeed, champagne is a great way to go with this one. Salt, fat–the fries are just like popcorn, which also works well with champagne. Trashy food, superlative drink: gets the balance just right. Oh yeah, then there’s that thing about the bubbles and acidity.

    I just got back from lunch where there were some excellent fries and I kept wondering where was my glass of bubbly.

  12. I’ll join the herd; yeasty champagne (gee, this is becoming a theme when I answer these “impossible food-wine pairing” posts!). The more toast the better — and one with a nose of bread dough would be the best!

  13. My still wine choice would be a Gamay – one with lots of cranberries like the 2006 Edmunds St John “Bone-Jolly” or the 2005 Domaine de Chapelle des Bois Fleurie that I had this evening (sadly, no fries).

    My sparkling wine of choice would be Tosti Sparkling Pinot Grigio . . or if there were hambugers involved . .The Black Chook sparkling shiraz.

  14. I was actually at this really cool, fairly new restaurant called Resto the other night with some wonderful company and the cuisine is Belgian. We went nuts with the courses but one thing that was constant throughout the night were the delicious hand cut fries. I was very conscious of this as we ordered the wine. First was a riesling to start. The apps came out and there were fries among them. The riesling went wonderfully with the fries and homemade dipping sauce. Next we ordered a Gigondas for the mains and of course among the mains were those awesome, fresh, hand-cut fries and I did an isolated tasting with the wine and fries and was pleasantly surprised.


  15. I firmly believe wine can go with anything. Wine with french fries? Why not — especially if the fries are used as a base for a nice feta cheese or something else interesting. No ketchup.

    Right now, I’d try it with a chardonnay that’s fairly neutral. For me, champagne is strictly a summer drink, but that’s always negotiable.

  16. I totally hear the champagne, but a nice spatlese would go well, too.

    I’d also say a nice fruity Barbera.

  17. Mayo and chips? This Europen says NO! Salt and Vinegar is the only way forward….

    I like a nice cold Rousette from savoie…

  18. Fruity bubble or Beaujolais

  19. A good merlot with homemade french fries baked in the oven to a crisp with hot pepper and salt and a little ketchup…Yummo!!

  20. Garlic Truffle French Fries (homemade) with Riesling worked this warm spring afternoon for me. Can’t wait to try with Champagne!

  21. Homemade salty French Fries with a sauce made with mayo, ketchup and curry powder together with Cabernet Sauvignon. (my choice – El Emperador, Chile 2008) I really love this combo which I discovered several years ago.

  22. Think these fries are good?? Check out these!!

    “Thinly cut fries come sprinkled with Parmesan, truffle oil and rosemary, which actually sets it as the best item on the menu.”


  23. […] Fries Apparently French Fries and champagne are a “thing.” Either own it or do it when no one is watching.Try: 2004 Pierre Gimonet […]

  24. LAMBRUSCO. With fries or especially with fresh hot Piaza


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