Where in the wine world are we? Bloom edition


Wine critic and blogger Wolfgang Weber sent in this picture from his travels. Where in the wine world was he? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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21 Responses to “Where in the wine world are we? Bloom edition”

  1. I would say Japan with that cherry tree and those hills in the background but then those houses don’t look Japanese. Argh. So I guess I don’t know 😉

  2. My guess is Alsace France. Those could be the Vosges Mountains…

  3. Never been to Alsace, but thought it might be. Also, check out the guy’s name… it’s probably a good indicator.

  4. I’ll take a leap and go with Trentino/Alto Adige

  5. how about Mendoza?

  6. I love these puzzles. Is that a cherry or an apple? Doesn’t really matter. It’s an old growing region where grapes obviously have a high value. Notice how every bit of land is in vines, up into marginal and steep slopes. Tile roofed, whitewashed buildings. Mountains shown are less rugged than the Alto Adige Alps. My guess it’s in the Jura.

  7. A couple of close guesses here…

    Wish it had been Japan. I’m dying to go there!

    – wolfgang

  8. My guess is Tuscany somewhere in Valdarno area (Chianti Classico)

  9. Italy? Maybe Orvieto?

  10. Is the picture current? Trees are flowering, everything’s very green, ivy is at least half a meter up the tree trunk, quite a bit of length on the growing grass already, and it’s only late March. Red clay roofs strongly suggest Italy or parts of France. Piemonte, or even farther toward the Alps, Valle d’Aosta? Or is that not yet warm enough this time of year?

  11. Some close guesses here (right country is mentioned most frequently!). Wolfgang said that he took it in April a couple of years ago…

  12. Greetings from Mendoza! NOT here…I had thought of Haute Savoie, which I’d love to visit, but…am I allowed two guesses?? It looks like it might be Colli Orientali del Friuli, but something inme whispers, ‘Those are the Umbrian hills!!’

    Dr.Vino, hope to meet you when i come to celebrate my Silver Aniversary @ NYU wkend of May 16-18!

  13. Basque Country between France and Spain

  14. I think this might be the Langhe, Piedmonte? …

  15. Langhe is kinda sorta getting warmer. I’m there now (here now?) actually and the trees are in bloom exactly like that in this photo.

    Hmm, I’ll give a clue: It’s a about 45 minutes driving fast from a sinking city.

    – wolfgang

  16. The Veneto then,…. near Vicenza

  17. Puerto Rico importer/distributor closed accounts with two value producers
    (Gianni Vescovo & Livio Zorzettig)
    from another Friuli area I’ll take a third-time-charm guess:
    Isonzo del Friuli, I insist…

  18. Wow, this is turning out to be stump-tastic!

    I liked Morton Leslie’s logic. But it IS Italy…A bubbly, pick-me-up part of Italy…

  19. The visible land is so thoroughly planted that Prosecco seems more likely than Franciacorta, and I don’t see a lake (granted, it could be behind the tree). So, Valdobbiadene? Perhaps even the rarely encountered Cartizze?

  20. Henri-

    Bravo, you nailed it!! Here was the original message from Wolfgang:

    “The full answer would be “the Cartizze hill (which is a ‘cru’) in Valdobbiadene, Treviso (northern Veneto), Italy”. I suppose “Valdobbiadene” is acceptable. So it’s the land of prosecco–your short post about the Zardetto you drank after hiking at the beach inspired me to send this in.”

    Wolfgang is the ITALIAN wine critic at Wine & Spirits magazine btw–his name, in this case, appears to have been a red herring!

    I think we should all open a Col Vetoraz prosecco to celebrate Henri getting this right!

  21. Bravo, Henri, excellent guess work!

    To everybody else, that was some solid guessing too.




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