Poll: Martha Stewart today, who tomorrow?

Martha Stewart is the latest big name to appear behind bars–wine bars, that is as the Independent (UK) put it. America’s queen of homemaking maven has just launched a new line of wines made by E & J Gallo that might actually do well based on her large following in the related area of entertaining. Even corporations are getting into the act: Microsoft has a wine called the Blue Monster with wine from Stormhoek winery in South Africa and a label by cartoonist Hugh McLoed. It’s currently only available for staff and affiliates.

A celebrity hardly even seems like a celebrity these days without cashing in on wine. Lorraine Bracco, Barry Manilow, Jay-Z (more or less), Mike Ditka, various Boston Red Sox players, Greg Norman and many more.

So who’s next celeb-u-tainer–or corporation!–to bravely lend their name to a new wine? Have your say in the latest poll–or add your own choices in the comments below.

poll now closed
(Photo credit: Fair use is made here of a reduced-size crop from an image in MSNBC attributed to Scott Duncan)

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12 Responses to “Poll: Martha Stewart today, who tomorrow?”

  1. Considering her latest troubles with addiction, Amy Winehouse could start her own dealcoholized wine called Any’s Non-Wine House!

  2. Since Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, and, yes, even Manny Ramirez have their faces on bottles of wine here in Boston, I’m sure Mr. Jeter won’t be far behind.

  3. I would expect Donald Trump to jump in, complete with a new version of the “Apprentice”.

  4. For true media sluttiness, I think Colbert’s the guy, only the vino will be The Colbert RePour….

  5. He’s not alive (or he’s lost at sea), but how about L. Ron Hubbard’s Cult Cab? Does Scientology allow its members to imbibe?

  6. I have to go with Britney Spears.

    I can see it now “Total Career Collapse Chardonnay” or “Meltdown Merlot”.

  7. Remember everybody you can always choose not to buy it and definitely not to talk about it.
    I wonder if she will have the same distributor of Danny De Vito’s Limoncello.
    God save us from marketing.
    Buona Bevuta a Tutti

  8. Pamela!

    Just this morning my wineblog had hits from someone searching for “Palmela Anderson”. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that… http://tinyurl.com/236679

    So maybe the Portuguese wine designation of Palmela will help her produce her line of wines.

  9. I think it is really sad that these “celebrity” wines even sell…

  10. Why hasn’t Michael Jackson turned Neverland into a winery and started bottling ‘Jesus Juice’ yet?!? Seems like he could use the cash.

  11. The East Coast has numerous wineries. Many started from small beginnings and have worked hard to create wonderful vineyards and wineries. There are also some owners who have had the money to buy into the industry and purchase the best of everything.

    The most important thing is that all wineries strive to continually improve the quality of their wines based on the terroir. If someone puts their name on a label, hopefully they will strive to see that the wine is good quality.

  12. And today’s wine announcement is…the Buffalo Sabres hockey team with a new team wine — from New York, of course!



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