The five best wine blogs that you probably maybe are not reading but should be!

There’s a wine blog created every minute! OK, maybe not that many, but there are a lot of wine blogs today. The editors of Wine & Spirits magazine asked me to look at some of the best wine blogs “that you’re probably not reading” in the current “25th anniversary issue.” I was honored to help them out. I respect the magazine for looking beyond their own fine pages to the wild world of the internets. Seriously, this is the only exclusively wine magazine that I know that has mentioned the word “blog” without referring to it’s own. Props to W&S! But wait, they don’t have any blogs of their own–boo hoo!

I talk about five blogs in the story, three amateur/enthusiast blogs, one journalist at another magazine, and a proto-winery blog. They are:

Brooklyn Guy
Dr. Debs and Good Wine Under $20
Wine Terroirs
Ray Isle’s Tasting Room

You may have discovered these already and there are many more that I enjoy in my blogroll on the right sidebar–and many more new bloggers who participate in the comments on this site (click their names for links to their sites). Consider signing up for the feeds of these blogs to keep up with their latest musings. And if you’re stopping by here for the first time, you can also give my own site feed a nibble! (and NEW! sign up to receive posts once a day via email)!

A couple of other items abobut the story. First, I got to have a debate with myself (that’s either the best kind or a sign of schizophrenia) about the pros and cons of blogging. I list six reasons why you should start a blog followed promptly by my rebuttal of six reasons you should not start a blog. Sadly, there’s no online link to the story so I guess this will be saved for your own perusal off line.

Second, the editors decided to include an illustration of me rather than a straight-up photo. I’m not sure why I was singled out for that, um, distinction. Here’s the photo that I originally submitted compared to their illustration, compared to a “Simpsonize Me” version of the same picture (per Josh’s suggestion). Enjoy them all!


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14 Responses to “The five best wine blogs that you probably maybe are not reading but should be!”

  1. Wow, it looks like they Bushized you instead! The drawing on the left is a spitting image of George “Poppy” Bush.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, and the story! I like the real you and the Simpsonized you better than the W&S you. Though, didn’t your mother tell you not to put ice cubes in your wine? Nevertheless, I think Springfield Dr. Vino should be your avatar.

  3. Wine Terriors is a great blog. Best thing I’ve found for planning a wine-centric trip to Burgundy and Paris.

  4. Bush should look so good. Still, I suppose we should have Simpsonized you, after all.

  5. Steve – Great! I was just preparing my application to be CIA director, so that illustration on my resume might just come in handy!

    Deb…but then I’d have to get rid of my Steven Colbert avatar?! 😉

    Josh – Welcome! Glad you like the other Josh’s suggestion. What about (Poppy) Bush Simpsonized?

  6. Tyler–Thanks for the mention! Also great to be in such good company. Much as I think W&S’s art direction is impeccable, I do have to say you look particularly good in a cartoon Hawaiian shirt.

  7. Does this mean you have a cameo in the film? 🙂


  8. thanks for supporting your fellow bloggers! I vote for the Simpsonized version 🙂

  9. Wait a minute, there are good AND bad parts of blogging? I think what you’re really trying to say is that blogging is quite addictive and we should start a wine bloggers support group… hey maybe we could blog about that?

  10. Hey Doc – I am honored that you included my blog in your article. Maybe they couldn’t use your photo because it’s too dark in the background? Or maybe because you weren’t wearing a Hawaiin shirt.

  11. Hey, I wanna be Simpsonized too! But I can’t get the !#@$% site to let me Have It My Way! D’OH!!

  12. Ha, Stacy, indeed…a time-sucking downside…

    Winehiker – I had to use a Mac to get it to work – for some reason it wasn’t working with Windows. A real D’OH for the site if true for more than just me…

  13. Great blogs, I love Wineterroirs and thought I was the only one reading it.
    I also enjoy reading Sharon’s Wine Blog and Vinotas’ Wine Blog, both of which have lots of really cool stuff.
    And I vote for the Simpsonized pic. ;->

  14. […] some of it covers by now familiar ground, there’s good art (I wasn’t Simpsonized)! And I also make a proposal for later in the year: because air freight has such a big effect on a […]


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