Looking for a $1 corkscrew? Try Georgia!

Since I have sacrificed too many corkscrews to the TSA, I now know where to find them: Georgia! Well, if I ever flew through Georgia that is. The WSJ had a quite hilarious piece yesterday on the bounty that the TSA collects from (presumably) clueless travelers including 12,295 “clubs, bats and bludgeons” and 1.6 million “knives and blades” collected last year.

It turns out that states, not the feds, can dispose of the stuff and many of them have decided to sell it directly. Pennsylvania, which, oddly, sells the 2.5 tons of goods a month collected from JFK airport and others, has a wall of items that they won’t sell just to demonstrate for the sheer outrageousness of what people tried to bring on board: “deer antlers, a foot-long fish hook, nunchucks, a medieval flail and a hand grenade with the explosive drilled out.” As the reporter says, what were they thinking?!?

Anyway, Georgia sells corkscrews it collects for less than a $1. Score! Anyone found any good corkscrews from such piles of miscellany? Ebay? Apparently states do use Ebay to dispose of some stuff. I would love to get a Laguiole for $1.

And remember, it’s only the tiny blade of the foil cutter that makes the corkscrew illegal (why, I’m not sure since they allow metal scissors “with pointed tips and blades” up to four inches in your carry-on. ‘Tis not mine to wonder why.). Pack a cork screw without a foil cutter and you’re good to go this summer!

“Carry-On Items Taken at Airports Find Happy Homes” [WSJ]

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5 Responses to “Looking for a $1 corkscrew? Try Georgia!”

  1. Who do I contact at TSA to buy the impounded corkscrews.

  2. What is the web address to buy the corkscrews in Georgia

  3. Fight global terrorism – Buy screwtop wines! It’s clearly the only way forward.

  4. Joe – I’d love to know too! The story neglected to put any contact info.

    Golly – ha!

  5. Can you buy at the airport itself or do you have to go online?
    Albany, NY

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