Survey: after-dinner drink, what’s yours?

If the server came up to you in a restaurant and said that one glass of any after-dinner drink was on the house what would you have?

[survey now closed]

Or post your thoughts in the comments.

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7 Responses to “Survey: after-dinner drink, what’s yours?”

  1. I voted for Italian amaro / digestivo, although it’s harder to find and usually only an option in Italian restaurants.

    My 2nd choice would be sauternes or other dessert wines (like a nice ice wine or tokaji).

  2. I voted for either a Maury or Rivesaltes, but not the Mas Amiel’s – too cloyingly sweet. These two regions are a recent discovery for me but I’m learning that there is a huge range in quality that isn’t even necessarily reflected in the price.

    I recently had a Domaine des Schistes Hors d’Age Solera from Rivesaltes, which was incredible. It is made from Grenache noir in a solera style and it had crazy aromas of maple syrup, orange zest, nuts – almost brandy-like. I had this wine in a restaurant in Montreal and have been looking for it every since. Mmmmmm.

  3. Mmmm, indeed Lisa! Sounds great!

    Just an update on the results since the polling software is, um, not that sophisticated:

    Port is leading with 26% followed by cognac with 20%, Sauternes with 13%, Grappa 7%, single malts 7%…

  4. Sazerac 18 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey, neat, in a snifter. Bring it up to temperature — about 90 degrees F.

  5. Port. For special occasions there’s nothing like a 1977 Fonseca. For the next really special event, I’m opening a 1963 Cockburn. That said, definitely port.

  6. Although I am tempted to answer Sauternes just because it may possibly be the most expensive after-dinner drink on the menu, however I am not a big fan of sweet dessert wines. Instead I’d prefer an aged single malt, say, a 25 year if they have it on the menu because if it’s on the house and I don’t have to foot the bill, why not go for the best?

  7. A vinsanto if there are appropriate cantuccini (biscotti) available. If not, I usually go for the cognac.

    What I really like is a caffe’ corretto, but when you explain what it is, waiters here and in Paris will bring you a separate espresso and snifter of cognac. Man, I love Italy…


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