Spot the spoof

Some wine news these days seems beyond parody because the headlines read as if they were ripped from The Onion. In honor of April Fool’s Day, here’s a smattering of recent wine stories–see if you can spot the wine spoof in our bluff the reader challenge.

A. The Wine Advocate is set to release new “luxury lifestyle” magazine entitled “100 Points by Robert Parker.”

B. James Suckling has a crystal wine glass marketed as “100 points.”

C. A “Miracle Machine” was touted, which would turn water into wine in three days.

D. The French Senate debated a motion to declare wine part of the national heritage.

E. An organic grape farmer in France may be jailed and fined for not using pesticides.

F. Hail has ruined the vintage at Hong Kong’s only vineyard.

G. The SF Chronicle ran a piece about the “eco-friendly” next generation of vintners who love deer hunting and Porsche racing.

H. There really is a line of wines branded as Wine for Dummies.

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11 Responses to “Spot the spoof”

  1. C!



    Although, I have my doubts on how many issues of 100 points will be published.

  2. They’re all true aren’t they?

  3. C is true (well, kinda. It was in the news last week). I hope A is the spoof, simply because I can’t stomach Robert Parker.

  4. I hope you don’t mind a cross-post. Levenberg’s parody covers are too good to miss.

  5. Daniel – you are right that the “Miracle Machine” was a fake. But it was a real story that happened, so the answer is not C.

    And, yes, Jacques, there is one fake one in the group! I know, I put the multiple in multiple choice with this quiz with eight possible choices…

    Klee – A is, in fact, real.

    Dave – Good stuff and certainly worthy of the attention of those who hadn’t seen it!

  6. The only one I haven’t heard a bout is G, so I’ll go with that.

  7. B?

  8. I’m afraid G comes from:

    There really are “environmentalist porsche racers” or something.

    I’m calling it for F as the fake. Though, the pictures on the article published on April 1st are impressive:×186.jpg

  9. I’ve gotta go with F.

  10. Definitely F. Pretty funny.

    “On the bright side”, he said, wiping tears away from his eyes. “The weather gods have been fortuitous to us and I think, because of the hail I will be able to make an Ice Wine for the first ever time”. – See more at:

  11. J – congrats on being the first! Eric and Christina, good for you too!

    Yes, there are a lot of fake-sounding real stories out there, but WineTimesHK managed to come up with a real-sounding fake one!


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