Yes, I saw the shoe video

So the latest “uncorking a wine bottle with a shoe” video is making the rounds on Facebook. I know because tons of people who aren’t that into wine has sent it to me. Apparently, I’m not alone as it topped 100,000 views in just a couple of days. Now in its sixth day on Youtube, it has 850,000 views. And media outlets such has the Telegraph, Daily Mirror, and are still writing about it.

In brief, Chateau Mirabeau in Provence put together a nicely done, 50-second clip (above) showing how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe in lieu of a corkscrew. Intrigued about this method a few years ago, I tried it myself–and found it to be a Croc. Nonetheless, I compiled the ne plus ultra posting about “opening wine with a shoe” videos. Consider it something to send back to your friends who have shown an interest in the subject. 😉

Someone asked if this method will aerate the wine. I’m not sure about that. But it will doubtlessly give the wine a lot of sole.

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9 Responses to “Yes, I saw the shoe video”

  1. I said this in response to the Wine Searcher piece, but let me say it here, also as a public service announcement: Do *not* try this with a synthetic cork. It will end badly.

  2. Many of these clips are edited. The penultimate shot is these guys drinking the wine from their shoes, which is where that “leathery” taste note first came from.

  3. Take le shoe off le feet, open le bottle of Chateau Lafite. A Croc to me as well Tyler.

  4. Much to the amazement of my friends, I used this method on New Years Eve after someone unfortunately snapped a corkscrew whilst opening a bottle of Chablis. It worked like a dream to remove the cork, but definitely shook things up… wouldn’t recommend it for a classified growth or any bottle of great value.

  5. I don’t wear that kind of shoe.

  6. A winery that was actually worried about the problem would switch to screw caps. No corkscrew needed. Ever.

  7. […] Yes, I saw the shoe video […]

  8. […] Last interesting item I want to bring to your attention is a video about using the shoe as a wine opener in the crisis – okay, not really a crisis, but if you have a bottle of wine, and you want to drink it, your date is getting impatient – and there is no corkscrew in site – does that constitute a crisis in your book? Well, shoe is to the rescue! You can read about using the shoe as a bottle opener in the Dr. Vino’s blog, where he also offers a collection of cork screw errr shoe-opener videos – here is the link. […]

  9. I just saw this technique on a rerun of Modern Family.i figured i’d try it someday with a bottle of something cheap, just to see if it worked


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