War on wine gadgets

corkcicleIt’s that time of the year: Merry War on Christmas, everyone!

If Fox News were to channel its resources to a vinous purpose, they could do well to declare a war on wine gadgets. Fortunately, Marketplace picks up the slack in the Marketplace Morning Report today. In it, the reporter tracks down a shop manager who admits he’s not wild about wine aerators but he stocks them (and more!) nonetheless because people want to give them as gifts! The same gent has actually placed a moratorium wine paraphernalia from his family after he got a ceramic dog that holds a bottle of wine.

I agree there are so many useless wine gadgets, such as the corkcicle (right). Keep that long, probing thing out of my wine bottle–oh, my! Why not just give a bottle of wine to a wine-loving friend? So much the better if you can share it together.

Merry, merry!

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7 Responses to “War on wine gadgets”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing how many “gadgets” people have, but many lack the basics… decanters and champagne stoppers seem to be in short supply even when corkcicles & aerators abound!

    Cheers to the basics!


  2. I couldn’t agree more on the useless gadgets! There are some which are at least aesthetically pleasing, like bottle stoppers, but all the aerators, electric bottle chillers, corkcicles, fancy bottle openers are extremely annoying. Give wine instead!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Even more useless are the sea of bad reviews for Sparkling wine and Champagne this time of year from the Lifestyle (turned wine expert for a day) writers.

  4. Haha, you know they’re coming, John, it’s practically mandated for the 26th! Hoping to keep my recs interesting this year…otherwise all that research (I mean tasting) I’ve been doing will have been for naught! Hope you’re enjoying some bubbly NOW!

  5. […] “If Fox News were to channel its resources to a vinous purpose, they could do well to declare a war on wine gadgets.” Tyler Colman drops some knowledge. […]

  6. HAHAHA…wow what will they come out with next. I’m starting to think Fox News deliberately gave a snub to us wine connoisseurs, could it be. Just give me the basics…but in a fine way.


  7. I have quite a few wine drinking friends who were happy to get a coravin this year. Should make the cork/screwtop debate even more interesting.


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