Duck Commander wines and “yuppie folks”


“Yuppie folks ain’t the only ones who can enjoy good wine.”

This is one of the most important sentences of the year about American wine consumption as it appeared on I’m not even sure who the guy who said it actually is. But he is apparently hunts ducks on TV.

Yes, he’s also talking his own book since he now has a wine called Duck Commander. Look at it–it has camo on the labels! Truly, a beauty to behold.

Is it a wine that wine geeks will sip and cherish? Does it speak of a certain vineyard? No and no. But that what makes it awesome. It’s Bubba wine from a God-fearing, TV family (the Robertson duck “dynasty”) that sells for under $10 a bottle. Duck Commander wines and it’s ilk are just what America needs to keep per capita consumption rising for a twentieth consecutive year.

The only thing missing is the suggestion to serve it in redneck wine glasses.

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9 Responses to “Duck Commander wines and “yuppie folks””

  1. You might be a redneck if you pour your wine into a yard glass.

  2. It will be interesting to see if Duckhorn takes them on. They’ve been pretty aggressive at defending their brand in the past.

  3. pairs best with spray-cheese

  4. Jon – Interesting. Would be interesting to see which party had more fuel to throw on a legal conflagration–duck walk or the duck dynasty!

    Robin – isn’t the yard glass more from English student pubs?

    Gabe – funny, yes, should have opened this up to food pairing ideas!!

  5. Does the label read “vinted (or cellared) and bottled by?”

    My problem with those kinds of wines is that consumers have no way of knowing how many brand names are selling the same bulk wine, and at different prices.

    Talk about truth in labeling…

    Of course, if this particular label does not fall into that particular category, then nothing I’ve typed matters regarding this wine. So, what does the label tell us?

  6. The Trincheros are behind it (Sutter Home, Folie s Deux, Menage a Trois, etc.) so the wine will be at least tasty, if not impressive. I do approve of taking wine consumption to an acceptance level never dreamed of before in America. This could be the beginning of a Golden Age for those of us in the trade, as long as we drop the snooty attitudes and instead try to cater to our customers (novices included). Let’s cheer the Robertson’s newest effort as something that might really make a positive impact in more than camo clothing sales. Slainte!

  7. Christian organization nixes Duck Dynasty participation due to wine deal.

    Brought to you by the folks who think Jesus turned water into grape-flavored Crystal Light at the Marriage of Cana.

  8. Seems Duck Dynasty Phil has run into a bit of trouble:

  9. Yep. It was just a matter of time before the Duckhorn legal team got their paperwork together:


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