“Dr. Vino’s verdict” over at FoodandWine.com

foodandwine.comI’m doing a series of micro-pieces over at FoodandWine.com in a space they’re calling “Dr. Vino’s Verdict.” I can’t promise the wisdom of Solomon but hopefully the verdicts are better than those of Judge Judy. So far I’ve weighed in a few topics, such as the the fastest way to chill wines, how to save leftover wine for free, and which corkscrew offers the most bang for the buck.

The magazine has commissioned original art for each post and I can unabashedly say (since I had nothing to do with it) that the art is fantastic.

They have very good folks contributing wine posts to their enhanced wine coverage; the best ways to keep up with it, should you care to, is to sign up for the weekly email “The Wine List” or follow them on Twitter.

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4 Responses to ““Dr. Vino’s verdict” over at FoodandWine.com”

  1. I hope you mention the coravin.

  2. “Doc,”

    I take my lead on the fastest way to chill a “potent potable” from the good folks at the cable TV show “Mythbusters”: spray it with a fire extinguisher.

    Worked for them with a six pack of beer. Should work as well for a bottle of wine.

    Link: http://mythbustersresults.com/episode29

    As for a no-cost BETTER way to preserve an opened bottle of wine, pour the remnants to the top of an empty, single-serving size twist-top bottle of water. Then stick it in the ‘frig.

    And finally (from an economist’s perspective), which cork screw offers the “most bang for the buck?” Self-evidently, one you got for FREE.

    The second “most bang for your buck” is opening your wine with your [already paid for] shoe.

    But you already knew that:


    ~~ Bob

  3. I have to say it’s a nice trick if you have unexpected guests and need to chill your wines quickly, so I was thinking of sharing the information with my readers, just as an emergency measure. But I decided not to because it probably takes longer to first cool the water and then the wine, than just putting the bottle in the fridge.

    Not to mention the fact that it’s hard to chill the wines to an exact temperature, but that’s a whole different subject.
    So overall I have to say it’s a great trick for professionals and restaurants, but it won’t do as an emergency trick for at home.

  4. I just read the trick at the food & wine blog and must say that’ it’s an excellent one and i’ve never heard it before.

    Submerging the wine bottle in ice water is a good idea but i would look at like a break fix solution rather than a long term approach

    Very useful trick in-case of an emergency.


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