Jennifer Aniston’s $3 million wine cellar — and margarita fountain


Media outlets are reporting that Jennifer Aniston has installed a 1,600-square foot wine cellar in her Bel Air home for $3.2 million. She and her fiance Justin Theroux apparently delayed their wedding to complete a total of $12 million of renovations on the home that she purchased two years ago for $21 million. Oh, the house has a small vineyard on the 3.5 acres.

The above image from her previous home would now be the emergency wine storage area.

But, don’t worry, even though Aniston is clearly into wine, she might just get a little bit bored of it sometimes. Since she “loves Mexican food” they’ve installed a “margarita fountain,” which is described as a “special machine for mixing drinks that looks like a water feature.” Come on, where’s the Petrus fountain??

One wine that likely won’t be in the spacious cellar: the Brangelina rosé.

“Inside Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s $22 million Bel Air mansion”

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13 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston’s $3 million wine cellar — and margarita fountain”

  1. You seem to like writing about high profile people and their wine. Is there a reason? Do you share their taste in wine?

  2. Petrus fountain? Even Christian Moueix doesn’t have one of those.

  3. Marie Antionette…..The Czarina…..Jennifer Aniston

    I say revolution…..You say revolution…..

  4. Diana- More people are interested in celebrities than are interested in wine. Also, celebrities sometimes have hilariously bad taste in wine or say or do silly things or spend unconscionable amounts of money.

    PS – Are you related to P. Diddy? If so, which wines does he like?

    John – sacre bleu!

    Bill – how’s your pitchfork?

  5. Perhaps she’ll enter her tasting notes on Twitter.

  6. Please stop writing/saying the subliterate ‘bored OF’. Proper usage is ‘bored with’ or ‘bored why’.
    Other than that, who care what she does with her money so long as she SPENDS it: her millions fed a lot of families of the workmen who renovated her house.

  7. Bill,
    Don’t you mean ‘bored with’ or ‘bored BY’?

  8. Bill – Glad you to see you are not feeling peevish! 😉 I guess I was writing in the celebrity vernacular. Incidentally, here’s a discussion of the construction on in which they give it more or less a green light:

  9. I want to go to her house!

  10. “Celebrity vernacular”–nice euphemism, Doc! “More or less”–you’re just justifying yourself there.

  11. Yes indeed, May W. I not only can’t type accurately but need new eyeglasses, too.

  12. Nice photo-shop work there. =/ So, why is there no mention about the wines she may potentially being slurping down with her current squeeze?

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