Wine infographic of the day: the 7%

We flagged the 7% tasting in Sonoma last month for you. But the folks over at Chow Studios have had even more fun with the event, making your Wine Infographic of the Day about it.

While I have some quibbles with it (why call it a 7% “majority”? Why is Merlot mentioned in the middle graphic?), it nonetheless provides some good information at a glance. Check it out in reduced size here or in full res over at the Chow Studio site (or a KCET story about the tasting). It might even make you want to seek out something new–or even try for an uber-difficult domestic version of the Wine Century Club.


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6 Responses to “Wine infographic of the day: the 7%”

  1. Hi Tyler

    Thanks for the shout out about the Wine Century Club – so far no one has done a pure USA 100. There have been several Italian only ones, however.

    Interesting to see that Gruener Veltliner is one of the listed varieties in the 7% majority(?)!

  2. It would be fun if wine stores had a 7% section. And mystery wine tastings comparing 7% wines and 93% wines.

  3. Tyler,

    Thanks for the interest in the infographic. I thought I’d clarify our reasoning/terms a bit.

    As far as the “7%” majority, we feel that while only 7% in acreage, the vast majority of number of varietals (greater than 50 tracked by the USDA) is certainly a majority, when compared to the 10 varietals than comprise the 93%.

    As to Merlot, it’s one that’s on the decline and our thought was to include it (tough to leave it out as it’s the #3 decliner) to illustrate that it’s not all bad news for Merlot.

    For anyone looking for the raw data, links are included at the bottom of the infographic.

    thanks again,

    c. jason mancebo
    creative director
    chow | studios
    sonoma county, ca

  4. Steve – sounds like a challenge for your blog/newsletter subs!

    Robin – terrific thought! With ideas like that, you may have to open your own wine store…

    Jason – thanks for stopping by and explaining. Ah, okay, I understand now how you made the minority a majority–diversity.

    The merlot inclusion was tricky since I was expecting line 2 to delve into a deeper presentation of the 7 percenters. Also, on that line, I found it slightly inconsistent that the red wines were red there, but the whites were red on the left of line 1.

    But, overall, I liked it! Good of you to go to the source (grape harvest reports) and put it all together.

  5. […] Wine infographic of the day: the 7% – Dr. Vino […]

  6. Tyler,

    Thanks for catching the inconsistency. We went back and forth on the foreground/background color scheme and we missed catching this. I own it. It’s be corrected.

    As to the Merlot inclusion, the key point to illustrate is that none of the top 10 – the 93% were in the movers category with the exception of Merlot and with only 1% variation, that’s not really a change that could be called noteworthy. Takeaway: The Big 10 are not changing soon and the 7% are becoming more popular……but slowly.



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