What they’re drinking: The Wine Advocate, Inc.

It’s pretty common to post pictures of which wines you’re drinking on Instagram or Twitter. If you’re drinking really great stuff, I suppose it’s a little douchey (although those photos do get the most “likes,” etc).

But what if you pre-post a lineup of 34 magnums you will be tasting over the next few nights? That’s what Bob Parker did for the Wine Advocate staff (and owners? Note “SECOND” office reference.) meetings this week. Seems to cross the line–especially in a “blue-collar city.” Maybe they are drinking out styrofoam cups? Also, are these wines are worth a detour, let alone a journey from Singapore? Have your say!

Big time in the blue-collar city of Baltimore….the entire staff is arriving today, including our three new full-time writers which will be announced in the next 48 hours….the team from the SECOND office in Singapore, and we hope to put in place some very exciting plans…I am playing sommelier, and pulled the following wines out of the cellar for the three nights of *%^@#%$#&*&%^^$$….

Tonight-all magnums as there are 16-17 of us
Aubert 2009 Reuling chardonnay
Remoissenet 2006 Bienvenue-Batard-Montrachet
Cappellano 2001 Barolo Pie Franco-Michet
Pira 1997 Barolo Marenca
Gaja 1989 Barolo Sperss
Aldo Conterno 1989 Barolo Bussia
Bruno Giacosa 1996 Barbaresco Asili Riserva
Bruno Giacosa 1990 Barbaresco Santo Stefano Riserva
Ponsot 2003 Clos de La Roche
Beaux Freres 2002 Upper Terrace
Comte Lafon 1990 Volnay Santenots

Tomorrow Night-all magnums
Pape Clement 2009 Blanc
Chapoutier 2003 L’Ermite Ermitage Blanc
Chapoutier 1999 L’Oree Ermitage Blanc
Beaucastel 2005 Hommage a Jacques Perrin CNDP
Mordoree 2001 Reine des Bois CNDP
Barroche 2010 Pure CNDP
ST.Prefert 2007 Collection Charles Giraud CNDP
Clos ST. Jean 2007 Combe des Fous CNDP
Pegau 2003 Cuvee da Capo CNDP
Clos des Papes 1990 CNDP

Wednesday Night-all magnums

Peter Michael 2008 Cuvee Indigene
Aubert 2009 Lauren
Heitz 1974 Martha’s Vineyard
Dominus 1991
Harlan Estate 1994
Colgin Herb Lamb 2002
La Jota Anniversary 2003
Philip Togni 1997
Chateau Montelena 1997
Quilceda Creek 2000
Schrader Old Sparky 2007

SQN and A. Kracher 2002 Strawman

Someone WineBerserkers quipped that Wednesday must be sushi night!

In other Wine Advocate news, they have announced new reviewers for Italy (Monica Larner) and Spain, Chile & Argentina (Luis Gutierrez).

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9 Responses to “What they’re drinking: The Wine Advocate, Inc.”

  1. I find the “must have magnums because there are 16-17” of us laughable. Do the math. Regular bottle has about 6 glasses, magnum about 2x = 12 glasses. 12 bottles = 144 glasses of wine. Divide by 17 people — 8+ full glasses a piece per night X 3 nights = hedonistic bacchanal.

  2. It’s a business expense.

  3. While no fan of Parker and his antics of recent years, some credibility was restored in my opinion with especially the hire of Luis Gutierrez for Spain reviews.
    As for this line-up of wines, while I understand the criticism and perhaps it’s not the classiest move, let’s not blow it out of proportion either.

  4. if I had that type of wine and money, and I was throwing an office party for work with wine loving people yeah Id do that, but since im poor and half my staff in my small office dont even drink alcohol I will never be able to do this blah, tho I guess more for me ~

  5. Not sure what is worse, the act or the timing? But considering the events over the last few months, nothing should come as a surprise.

  6. […] In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb reports that “Robert Parker and The Wine Advocate have announced that American Monica Larner and Spaniard Luis Gutierrez have joined their reviewing team.” And in case you’re wondering, The Wine Advocate knows how to party. […]

  7. Here’s a photo of the new crew:


  8. Are people honestly complaining they drank a lot of great wine to welcome the new staff? Or is the complaint they shared the fact online?

    I understand some people get annoyed with parker, but this is extremely petty.

    Incredible how negative people can be for absolutely no reason whatsoever, the desire to crap on people just because you can is a sad, sad element in society.

  9. […] What they're drinking: The Wine Advocate, Inc.Dr. VinoBut what if you pre-post a lineup of 34 magnums you will be tasting over the next few nights? That's what Bob Parker did … While no fan of Parker and his antics of recent years, some credibility was restored in my opinion with especially the hire of … […]


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