A penny for your…wine?!?


From the aisles of California retail, a site reader sends in news of perhaps the ultimate closeout–wine for a penny a bottle.

What’s interesting is that this special offer, only available to CVS cardholders who also purchase a 18(!)-pack of Bud or Tecate (do they mean orange wine?). Incentivizing wine purchases through beer. Soft economy be damned–we’re going to boost that rise in per capita wine consumption going one way or another!

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10 Responses to “A penny for your…wine?!?”

  1. Makes sense. Study after study finds that beer drinkers prefer sweeter wines, so why not have them try yours and create a new customer?

  2. Both obnoxious beers! I would not burden my refrigerator with them! Never tried the wine…guess I still won’t.

  3. Great, I’ve got to buy other swill in order to get a deal on awful wine?

    However, if they just put the wine on sale for cheap enough, a few enterprising DIY distillers might show up. Distill once; if it still tastes like crap, distill again. Repeat process until it either tastes good, or the proof is so high you can’t really taste anything.

  4. But it won 50 gold medals, so it must be good!

  5. Truth is, on Cellar Tracker, it generally seems to be reviewed as quite drinkable, scoring in the low 80s. I mean for 1 cent, if it is a passable 80 point wine, it is a fantastic QPR. The sales tactic — buy the beer, get the wine — is interesting, but if they sold the wine for $6-7 a bottle (which seems to be the usual price) and it is solid if not “special”, people would be heralding it as a great low cost find. (Even 2 Buck Chuck generally doesn’t sell for 2 bucks any more.)

  6. Scott- thank you for bringing up the gold medals. I know gold has tanked recently but, apparently, so has the value of gold medals!

  7. I didn’t think that Rex Goliath would be that hard a sell compared to a lot of the wines I see in the grocery store. What’s the date on them?

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  9. Unless that wine producer is out of business that store is doing them no favor by that kind of gimmick. People are pretty much the same everywhere and they usually equate price and quality. NOT price and value. I read the article of the selling of Bordeaux futures and I’m amazed that the folks will pay what they do for 5 or 6 glasses of wine.
    Buying just to maintain your allotment whether you like the vintage or not? We have nothing on those chateaux owners. Let’s hope that nothing disrupts the game because they do take care of their properties quite well.

  10. I just saw Rex Goliath by the glass at the Rain Forest Café where we dined with the kids last night. At $7 a glass I had to pass.


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