Scotland to women: wine makes you look old and fat

Health officials in Scotland have come up with a new weapon in their campaign against excessive drinking: an app that makes you look fat. And old.

The app, called The Drinking Mirror, shows a projection of what the user may look like if they keep drinking at current (elevated) levels. The results are not pretty. But, seriously, who would use such an app other than people who had been drinking?!

Oddly, the app targets mostly women even though they have a lower incidence of excessive drinking. And the app translates alcohol units only as wine, not other alcoholic drinks. WWTJT? What would Thomas Jefferson think? He preached the virtues of wine as a drink of moderation compared to, say, whiskey. Of note: scotch doesn’t figure in the campaign from Scotland.

Curbing the Wine Habits of Scotland’s Women: Yes, There’s an App for That [Wired]

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3 Responses to “Scotland to women: wine makes you look old and fat”

  1. they should also include a scale for FAST FOOD, SMOKING, etc:
    As for the Goverment of Scotland:
    from The industry leader Magazine
    by Christy Gren,
    Scotch whisky vs Scotland’s economy
    The Scotch Whisky Association, which issued its new research to mark the centenary of the body, underlined that the findings indicated that the industry entered its “second golden age.” The report, Scotch Whisky & Scotland’s Economy, shows that Scotch whisky generates approximately £4.2 billion, including as much as £2.9 billion from the Scotch whisky industry and roughly £1.3 billion through the supply chain. In addition, the survey says that Scotch whisky employs approximately 36,000 jobs.

    Once David Daiches said: “The proper drinking of Scotch whisky is more than indulgence: it is a toast to civilization, a tribute to the continuity of culture, (…),” therefore it is not surprising that the Scotch whisky industry is reliving its best days, the “second golden age”, following the growth enjoyed in the 1970s.

    Gavin Hewitt, chief executive officer at the Scotch Whisky Association, is strongly convinced that the findings of the latest report highlight the key role of Scotch Whisky in the Scotland’s economy. Having issued the report, he underlined Scotch whisky was highly demanded in emerging markets. Certainly high demand for Scotch whiskey puts it in a desirable export position.

    The trade organization, which promotes the Scotch whisky industry, believes that both the UK and Scottish governments need to be more engaged if the growth in the industry is desired to be sustained and even boosted. In addition, the Scotch whisky industry is expected to help the economy recover from the recession. The country might enjoy export-led recovery, taking into consideration the position and brand of Scotch whisky in overseas markets.

  2. This is ludicrous. In the picture my jaw grew with every glass of wine I drank. How did they access my folder anyway? I will never look old and fat.

  3. I’m looking for an app that makes me appear intelligent, svelte, sober, and in demand. What do they give me? An app that tells the truth!


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