Bud Selig, major league champagne hater!

Bud Selig watched the San Francisco Giants spray themselves with bubbly and tut-tutted. The owner of the Milwaukee Brewers and MLB Commissioner told the LA Times, “This is something I am not happy about: spraying champagne all over. I’m not a fan of that.”

I agree; the ritual is a little absurd at this point. Allow me to quote myself. Here’s what I wrote in the wake of new rules on locker room celebrations that went into effect in 2010:

While I am generally all for defending wine consumption in the public eye, I find it difficult to get too worked up about this latest MLB ruling. Clubs decided to forego champagne in favor of cheaper sparkling wine long ago. And while wine producers might want to bask in the aura of victory, what vintner would want to have their wine consumed out of an athletic cup while wearing ski goggles? I mean really, that would make even more people shudder than just Max Riedel!

The victors certainly deserve a celebration. But they have all off-season to savor the Champagne, with food and friends, without having to wear goggles.

What do you think–are you in favor of players chugging bubbly in the locker room? Try not to let sour grapes influence your point of view…

The “Champagne” ritual in baseball gets icy reception
Yankees and Rangers spray Champagne–or is it?

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5 Responses to “Bud Selig, major league champagne hater!”

  1. It really is a waste of Champagne… or even Cava, honestly, to spray it all willy-nilly like that. Save the bubbly for the off-season.

  2. The American Dream is dead! Leave Baseball alone!!!

    160+ games into a single season… let it be Dom Perignon if that’s what they want! Bud doesn’t like it because Bud hasn’t gotten there. Instead, let’s worry about former bank executives swigging $1500 bordeaux with the golden parachutes they got for doing nothing but castrating the American Dream under the direction of the US Treasury.

  3. In the words of the inimitable Digital Underground’s Humpty: ‘Doowatchyalike’. Champagne is kind of like diamonds, there’s a lot more of it underground than what you might expect….

  4. I like the celebratory aspect of champagne and sparkling wine. It will be a sad day when Maker’s Mark is drizzled over the players.

  5. Champagne always has and will be a sign of wealth, power, victory and celebration, rightly so! If someone feels that strongly about ‘wastage’ of champagne then that’s fine. I think people are missing a great marketing opportunity here.

    If someone was celebrating winning the superbowl with my brand of champagne i’d be shipping a pallet to their dressing room…


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