Box wine disguised as a handbag

You may think you’ve seen it all, but get a load of this: box wine in the shape of a lady’s handbag.

While they innovators may be on the right track, their genteel Upper East Side/16e arrondissement styling is probably the wrong statement for those who want to haul 1.5 liters of Chardonnay/Vinognier around.

Probably better to collaborate with Camelback!

Will Q design a man’s briefcase version for 007?

No More Shame: Boxed Wine Now Comes In A High-End Fashion Purse [NPR Salt blog]

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11 Responses to “Box wine disguised as a handbag”

  1. The cooperative Cantina di Soave recently introduced three Italian “purse”, aka box, wines to the U.S. If you’re curious, please check out “Volére ‘Purses’: Chic, Fashion-Forward Box Wines” at

    Gallo sold some purse/boxes a few years ago, but, I think, only in Europe, not the U.S.

  2. Wow. I hope I don’t get this as a gift for my birthday.

  3. Just because wine is packaged cleverly or attractively doesn’t mean it’s bad.

    Of course, the quality of the wine is the most important thing. But box wines are usually around for a month or two, and I personally would rather look at something that’s visually appealing than a plain old boring rectangle.

  4. Love your site. Want the bag-o-vine.

  5. Sharon – Thanks for the comparative analysis.

    Wendy – Thanks for stopping by! Here’s the Vernissage web site:

    It appears there are a few “bags” of different colors. I checked wine-searcher and don’t see that it has arrived in any US stores yet.

  6. were can i get this ?

  7. i wish i would have gotten this for my b-day

  8. Where can I buy these in the uk?

  9. Has anyone found a avenue to purchase the Boxed Wine Packaged in a Fashion Handbag?

  10. did you get a reply as to where these can be bought in the uk

  11. I don’t think the Vernissage purses are available in the U.S. yet. But the Volere purse boxes are here. Just enter Volere in the Wine Name box at, and you should get a list of places that sell the wines.

    You can also email Mionetto via their website and ask where the purse wines are sold.

    Sorry, I can’t help with the U.K. Some Googling, however, might help you find what you’re looking for.


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